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When your area's most beloved landmark doubles as the world's most famous house, you know protecting your own DC home is pretty darn important. Though we don't offer homeowners insurance in the nation's capital, we can still help you get great coverage with an Esurance partner when you get a quote through our site.

Homeowners insurance is the best way to keep your house, guests, and valuables safe, even if you're away from home. Your policy even extends to your clothing, furniture, electronics, and other everyday essentials. Get your free DC home insurance quote for coverage you can rely on when you need it the most.

I think you're doing a pretty good job. I'm not computer savvy at all and I'm able to follow your directions to print insurance cards and look around my homeowners policy very easily. Thank you!

– Linda, Nevada

Our rep really took the time to explain each step of the process and was great at following up. She made the process easy and I appreciate her helping my family get our house back together.

– Tommy, Nevada

The entire [claim] process was quickly handled and there was no hassles. It was a truly stress-free experience which is rare nowadays. Thanks Esurance for not letting this turn into a nightmare.

– Iola, Kansas

discounts for safeguarding your dc home

Washington, DC, may not technically be a state, but you'd never know that from the sheer volume of people that are proud to call it home. In fact, DC has nearly 10,000 residents per square mile — about 9,000 more than the most densely populated official state, New Jersey.

Amid so many close (very close) neighbors, it's only natural to want the utmost security for your home. That's why installing a central-monitored burglar alarm is such a savvy move for DC dwellers. And on top of increased peace of mind, you could also score another nifty perk by having a security system in your home: a convenient discount on your homeowners insurance rates.

Just get your free quote to see if you qualify for this or other awesome discount possibilities, such as a bundling discount for combining your home and auto insurance.

do you need homeowners insurance in dc?

While home insurance isn't required by law, it is usually mandated by your lender if you finance your home with a mortgage. But even if homeowners coverage isn't required, it's almost always a worthwhile addition.

Just consider the gargantuan costs you'd be left with if, say, your home were leveled by a storm or you lost all your valuables to a burglar. You probably don't want to face such financial hurdles on your own dime. Thankfully, homeowners insurance helps protect your family, savings, and home with rock-solid coverages like dwelling protection, personal property protection, and liability insurance. Depending on the terms of your policy, you could even add optional coverages for everything from identity theft to plumbing disasters.

how much does homeowners insurance cost?

In DC, where the average home value is almost 4 times the national median, it's no surprise the all other costs — including homeowners insurance — are monitored with a close eye. While no two homeowner's rates are exactly the same, your premium is based on several consistent factors, including:

  • The cost to rebuild your home
  • Your ZIP Code
  • Your claims history
  • The age of your home
  • Your attractive nuisances (like pets or swimming pools)

Rest assured, there are ways to help keep your rates right where you like them. Aside from nabbing discounts, you could also save on your policy by raising your deductibles, improving your credit rating, and reducing your risk for domestic accidents.

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