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Tennessee residents who bundle their home insurance with auto insurance can save even more! Here's how.

tennessee homeowners insurance

Beautiful mountain views and lush greenery make Tennessee an ideal place to come home to. With homeowners insurance, you're protected no matter where you live — from Nashville and Memphis, to Knoxville, Chattanooga, and beyond. That means coverage for you, your home, and your guests.

By getting a free online quote with Esurance, you'll be able to enjoy extensive coverage options and personalized discount possibilities. Now who wouldn't volunteer for that?

I think you're doing a pretty good job. I'm not computer savvy at all and I'm able to follow your directions to print insurance cards and look around my homeowners policy very easily. Thank you!

– Linda, Nevada

Our rep really took the time to explain each step of the process and was great at following up. She made the process easy and I appreciate her helping my family get our house back together.

– Tommy, Nevada

The entire [claim] process was quickly handled and there was no hassles. It was a truly stress-free experience which is rare nowadays. Thanks Esurance for not letting this turn into a nightmare.

– Iola, Kansas

discounts on tennessee home insurance

Esurance offers up a whiskey barrel's worth of discounts to homeowners in Tennessee. Take a closer look at some of the most convenient ways you could save.

Smoke-Free discount

Nearly 1 in 4 residents of Tennessee is a smoker, one of the 10 highest ratios nationwide. If you're looking to quit (or already live smoke-free), keep in mind that going without cigarettes can not only add years to your life but also cash to your wallet.

With Esurance, if no one in your household smokes, you could be in line for some satisfying savings via our Smoke-Free discount.

Multi-Policy discount*

If you already have an Esurance auto or motorcycle policy, bundling coverage with your Tennessee homeowners insurance is a great way to save on stress and your insurance rates. You'll be able to manage all your policies under one (virtual) roof, plus score easy savings with our Multi-Policy discount.

More discounts in Tennessee

That's just scratching the savings-paved surface. Look to score these other discounts in the Volunteer State:

tennessee home insurance basics

What does a standard Tennessee home insurance policy get you? Quite a lot, actually. We include a number of helpful coverages automatically to help residents start off on the right foot when safeguarding what matters most.

Dwelling protection

The average home in Tennessee is worth roughly $140,000. If the worst happens and a storm or explosion levels your house, could you afford that kind of kingly sum to rebuild?

For many people, the answer is "not a chance." Which is what makes dwelling protection so valuable. If a covered risk damages or destroys your abode, including attached structures like your garage, you'll be reimbursed the cost (up to your limits) to restore your place to its former glory.

That way, your family's financial future — not to mention present — remain just as intact as your freshly repaired home.

Personal property protection

When it comes to valuables you simply can't toy with (like that signed Peyton Manning Vols jersey, for instance), nothing gives you more peace of mind than Tennessee home insurance.

If your clothing, electronics, jewelry, antiques, or other prized possessions are stolen or damaged in a covered incident, personal property protection kicks in to help repair or replace them.

Other coverages included with your policy

A standard Esurance plan also provides Tennesseans with:

optional tennessee coverages

Whether you're talking about insurance policies or dress pants, one-size-fits-all is never a good idea. That's why we make it easy to choose from a variety of additional coverage options and tailor the policy that best suits your unique home and lifestyle.

Yard and garden coverage

Don't let your magnificent milkweeds or pristine peach trees become vulnerable to risks like hail damage, wind, or vandalism. With yard and garden coverage, you can have the same peace of mind for the land your home rests on that you have for the home itself.

Identity theft expense coverage

Identity theft is still a relatively new crime, which can make it all the more unsettling if it happens to you. Thankfully, we've got your back. Our identity theft expense coverage provides a wide slate of services to help you recover from ID theft — including helping you reclaim money you lost, repairing your credit, and even assigning a specialist to help monitor your data to avoid a repeat incident.

Other great choices available

There are plenty more coverages at your disposal. Just grab your free Tennessee homeowners quote to select from options such as water backup coverage, home day care coverage, and more. Or speak with one of our licensed agents at 1-866-439-5633.

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or call 1-866-439-5633

Or speak with a licensed agent at 1-866-439-5633.