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With geographical wonders like the Lake Erie coastline and the Pocono Mountains, the Keystone State is a great place to call home. With affordable homeowners insurance from Esurance, you'll be able to get protection for your place and so much more.

A homeowners policy from Esurance offers you a wide variety of flexible coverage options and discounts tailored specifically to your needs. Get a free homeowners insurance quote online and see how Esurance can help safeguard your family and finances in Pennsylvania.

discounts on pennsylvania home insurance

A home insurance policy should take care of your house as well as your wallet. At Esurance, we like to reward you for treating your house well with tons of discounts on home insurance and other easy ways to save.

Here's a sampling of some money–savers we offer Keystone State residents to help you better protect your financial future.

Home Safety Features discount

Having a solid security system is a sanity–saver, but it can also score you financial savings. If you have common safety features like a burglar alarm or smoke detector to prevent incidents like theft or fire, we'll help you save for being a diligent homeowner.

Welcome Home discount

Want to save on your first 2 policy terms? You're in luck. Just to welcome you to Esurance — either from another home insurer or as a brand–new homeowner getting coverage for the first time — we give you an automatic discount.

Hail Resistant Roof discount

If you've chosen a hail resistant material to help safeguard your roof from harsh conditions, we'll reward you with a discount for helping protect the structure of your home (not to mention the stuff inside it).

Preferred Buyer discount

You're eligible for this discount when you nab a new policy with Esurance, that simple. And by remaining a responsible customer and making on–time payments over the years, you can maintain great savings.

That's just the beginning! More helpful home insurance discounts in Pennsylvania include the Claim–Free discount, Smoke–Free discount, New Home discount, DIY Inspection discount, Future Effective Date discount, and the Loyal Customer discount.

perks of an esurance policy

5 percent back with claim forgiveness

It pays to play it safe sometimes. And with this feature, if you're still claim–free at the end of your term, we'll give up to 5 percent of your premium back to you.

Better yet, your rates won't increase even if you do end up filing a claim — not to mention you can keep your Claim–Free discount (hooray!).

Customizable coverage limits

Your home in Pennsylvania is unique, and you deserve protection that addresses its specific needs. We offer a wide range of coverage limits for you to choose from so your house gets the security it deserves.

Flexible payment schedule

One of the benefits of an Esurance policy is a convenient 12–month term, which you can choose to pay:

  • Monthly
  • With your escrow account
  • All up front

standard pennsylvania home coverages

Your coverage needs as a homeowner don't stop at the structural level, so why should your insurance? Fortunately, your Esurance policy protects more than just your home's structure — it also protects your family's liability, your belongings, and even helps pay for any accidental damages or injuries you or someone on your policy might be held responsible for.

In case your house needs a little help, it's good to know you've got access to an extensive variety of coverages that come standard with your home policy in Pennsylvania, including but not limited to:

Personal property protection

In addition to protecting your home itself, your homeowners policy helps safeguard the things you keep inside, like furniture, electronics, clothes, and other beloved knickknacks.

Dwelling protection

Living in the Keystone State does come with the cost of seasonal storms. Fortunately, if a covered risk like wind, hail, or fire damages your house, your homeowners insurance can help you pay to repair or rebuild.

It's wise to purchase at least enough dwelling protection coverage to cover the cost of rebuilding your entire home. Plus, we make it easy to increase your coverage limit if you'd like.

Family liability protection

In case you or someone on your policy accidentally injures someone or damages a neighbor's property, this coverage is a financial must–have. It can help cover your guests' medical bills and your family's liability costs, and you don't even need to pay a deductible for this coverage to take effect.

Additional living expense coverage

If a covered loss — like a kitchen fire — renders your home temporarily uninhabitable, this coverage will help put you up elsewhere in the meantime. It can help cover your food costs, hotel bill, and other reasonable expenses for up to 12 months (up to your coverage limit), or until it's safe to move back into your house.

Other structures coverage

With an Esurance policy, you can get protection for structures separate from your main house. So if your gazebo, carport, or other unattached structure is wrecked by a covered incident, you're protected.

more protection with additional coverage options

When you add some of these optional Pennsylvania homeowners coverages to your policy, you're also adding extra financial protection and peace of mind if life ever takes a turn for the worst.

Additional coverage for jewelry, watches, and furs

Your high–priced items, like a winter fur or engraved bracelet, might exceed the limits of basic personal property coverage. Fortunately, we offer high–limit coverage on such big–ticket belongings, as well as other valuables like watches and silverware.

Identity theft expense coverage

If your identity is ever stolen, you want to know that there's someone on your side (and that the damage can be repaired). That's where this coverage can step in to help.

For just $3 a month ($4 for 2 people), we bring in a dedicated service to help fix the damage done to your name and credit after your identity's been stolen. This coverage also gives you access to an annual credit report and score, monthly credit file monitoring, and even a dedicated ID theft advisor.

Building codes coverage

There are some costs of owning a home you never expect to fall victim to — like having to pay to bring your home up to current housing codes if it's damaged by a covered incident, for example.

While your homeowners policy would help restore your home to its original glory after a covered incident, you might be left paying the difference to bring your abode up to current code if building laws have changed since your home was first built.

Eco upgrade

With this environmentally–friendly coverage, you can green your home in Pennsylvania without having to spend green.

If you have energy-inefficient appliances (electronics, lighting, etc.) in your home, this coverage helps you replace them with ENERGY STAR products after a covered incident.

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