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With only 39 residents per square mile (less than half the U.S. average), Oregon gives homeowners plenty of space to call their own. While this is a huge opportunity, it can also be a huge responsibility.

With Esurance homeowners coverage on your side, though, there's nothing to fear. We provide peace of mind and flexible payment plans to match even the biggest homeownership demands. Our coverages go beyond the main residence to protect things like your freestanding structures and your yard or garden. Get a free home insurance quote from us and enjoy year-round protection (not to mention a variety of discounts).

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homeowners insurance discounts in oregon

From the world's largest squash grown in Gervais, to the world record for the most pavement chalk drawings in Gresham, it's clear that Oregonians dream big — and they should have big savings to match!

Welcome Home discount

This is our way of saying welcome to Esurance (consider it the muffin basket of the virtual world). As long as you had coverage with a previous insurer, or are a brand-new homeowner, you qualify for this discount on your first 2 policy terms simply for starting your Oregon homeowners insurance with us.

Smoke-Free discount

Oregon residents have the tenth lowest smoking rate nationwide. Many public parks in cities like Salem and Eugene are now smoke-free, which could mean a continued decline. Not only does this help keep folks in the Beaver State healthy, it'll help you qualify for our Smoke-Free discount, too! If no one in your home smokes, you qualify, easy as that.

Our other discounts for Oregonians include:

standard coverages in oregon

A great homeowners policy protects much more than your 4 walls. When you get a fast, free quote for home insurance from us, you'll see a vast array of coverages that come standard with your policy in the Beaver State. What's more, our agents are available at these times to help with any of your homeowners insurance questions or concerns.

Liability coverage

Cities don't get much more dog-friendly than Portland, which boasts an impressive 33 dog parks. However, if you have a dog and a guest is bitten while visiting your place, you could be held responsible. Luckily, depending on the breed of the dog, your policy could cover liability costs and medical expenses that result from dog bites.

Your Esurance policy also includes the following standard coverages:

extra available coverages

When you get your Oregon home insurance from Esurance, you can also choose from a host of optional coverages for added peace of mind.

Electronic data recovery

With this coverage, you get up to $5,000 to help restore data from a broken hard drive. So all of your photos, recipes, and novels-in-progress are saved.

We offer even more additional coverage options, like identity theft expense coverage, building codes coverage, eco upgrade coverage, and additional coverage on jewelry, watches, and furs.

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