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oregon homeowners insurance

With only 39 residents per square mile (less than half the U.S. average), Oregon gives homeowners plenty of space to call their own. While this is a huge opportunity, it can also be a huge responsibility.

With Esurance homeowners coverage on your side, though, there's nothing to fear. We provide peace of mind to match even the biggest homeownership demands. Our flexible coverages go beyond the main residence to protect things like your freestanding structures, your yard or garden, and even the golf carts you use around your property. Get a free home insurance quote from us and enjoy year-round protection (not to mention a variety of discounts).

homeowners insurance discounts in oregon

Our customers have big dreams for their homes — and they should have big savings to match! By purchasing Oregon homeowners insurance with Esurance, you could qualify for many of our easy home insurance discounts, such as:

Welcome Home discount

This is our way of saying welcome to Esurance (consider it the muffin basket of the virtual world). As long as you had coverage with a previous insurer, or are a brand-new homeowner, you qualify for this discount on your first 2 policy terms simply for starting your Oregon homeowners insurance with us.

Smoke-Free discount

Oregon residents have the tenth lowest smoking rate nationwide. Not only does this help keep folks in the Beaver State healthy, it helps save money on Oregon homeowners insurance, too! If no one in your home smokes, you qualify, easy as that.

Preferred Buyer discount

You're automatically eligible when you get a new policy with Esurance. And by being a responsible customer and making payments on time, you can maintain savings over the long haul.

Home Safety Features discount

Everyday safety items like deadbolt locks and overhead fire sprinklers can keep your home more secure and help slash your premium.

More handy home insurance discounts in Oregon include the Claim-Free discount, Hail Resistant Roof discount, New Home discount, Future Effective Date discount, DIY Inspection discount, Loyal Customer discount, and the Multi-Policy discount.

benefits of an esurance policy

Flexible payment plans

Your homeowners insurance in Oregon has a 12-month policy term, which you can pay:

  • Monthly
  • Through an escrow account
  • All up front

Automatic replacement cost estimates

Every time you renew your policy with us, we'll double-check your dwelling coverage against the current rebuilding costs in your area (in case your house needs to be repaired or rebuilt following a covered incident), and even recommend times when you might want to increase the limits on your policy. That way, you can take comfort knowing a second set of eyes is there as you maintain your protection and guard your home from disaster.

5 percent back with claim forgiveness

Add this feature and you'll be able to put up to 5 percent of your premium back in your pocket at the end of your term if you go claim free. Even if you do file a claim, you can still keep your Claim-Free discount and avoid any rate increases due to a claim.

standard coverages in oregon

Dwelling coverage

Your Esurance homeowners policy can help protect your home and other attached structures from fire, wind, hail, vandalism, and more. If the unexpected occurs, we'll be there to help you make your Oregon abode as good as new.

Other structures protection

Do you have a greenhouse to take advantage of Oregon's fertile climate, or maybe a standalone carport to protect your ride from the heavy rains? Your policy can safeguard the unattached structures around your home.

Personal property protection

Our homeowners coverage can repair or replace things like electronics, appliances, clothes, etc., after a burglary, disaster, or other covered incident.

Additional living expense coverage

Where do you go if a disaster drives you out of your home? With Esurance, you can leave those worries to us — we'll cover your hotel bill and other reasonable expenses for up to 12 months.

Liability coverage

Cities don't get much more dog friendly than Portland, which boasts an impressive 33 dog parks. However, if you have a dog and a guest is bitten while visiting your place, you could be held responsible. Luckily, depending on the breed of the dog, your policy could cover liability costs and medical expenses that result from dog bites.

And it doesn't stop there, either: Oregon homeowners insurance can protect your hard-earned savings after other types of in-home accidents, as well, such as a slip on the front stoop or a tumble on the stairs.

extra available coverages

When you get your Oregon home insurance quote, you can also select from a host of optional coverages for added peace of mind, including:

  • Electronic data recovery — up to $5,000 to help restore data from a broken hard drive.
  • Building codes coverage — can help cover the price of bringing your home up to code if you need to repair or rebuild it after an insured loss.
  • Identity theft expense coverage — for only $3 a month ($4 for 2 people), we'll bring in a dedicated service to help repair any damage done to your name and credit as a result of ID theft.
  • Eco upgrade — swaps old, energy-inefficient appliances after a claim for ones as green as your state's landscape.
  • Home day care coverage — protects your liability if you run an in-home day care.

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