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Whether you live in Kansas City, Springfield, or St. Louis, the Show Me State has countless historical and cultural attractions for its residents to explore. Now you can get reliable homeowners insurance to help safeguard you and your home in Missouri.

Missouri home insurance helps protect your house and the belongings inside it, and can even pay for guests' medical bills if they're injured at your place.

With simple policy management and 24/7 assistance, you'll have it made in Missouri when you get a free quote for home insurance from Esurance.

home insurance discounts in missouri

When you get your free Missouri homeowners quote, you'll see a variety of discounts along the way, all intended to save you big.

Welcome Home discount

We'll give you this enticing discount just for choosing Esurance, whether you're coming to us from another insurer or are insuring a newly purchased home. Great savings apply to your first 2 policy terms.

DIY Inspection discount

Just send us a copy of your home appraisal done within the last year and you could nab this discount.

Smoke-Free discount

Got a non-smoking household? We'll reward you for being so awesome (and fire safety-conscious)!

Home Safety Features discount

Common safety features like fire sprinklers, burglar alarms, and deadbolt locks can help keep your home protected. They could also help you secure more savings just by making your home safer.

Multi-Policy discount

Save even more when you bundle your home and auto policies with Esurance.

Other home insurance discounts in Missouri include the Claim-Free discount, Preferred Buyer discount, New Home discount, Hail Resistant Roof discount, Future Effective Date discount, and the Loyal Customer discount.

benefits of an esurance policy

Flexible payment options

Your Missouri homeowners insurance has a convenient 12-month policy term, which you can pay:

  • Monthly
  • With your escrow account
  • All up front

5 percent back with claim forgiveness

Grab onto this feature and you'll be able to get up to 5 percent of your premium back in your piggybank at the end of your term if you go claim-free. But we also understand that accidents happen, so even if you do file a claim, don't worry: we'll let you keep your Claim-Free discount and avoid rate increases due to a claim. (Pretty nice, right?)

Customizable coverage limits

Every home is unique, and you shouldn't get stuck paying for coverage that doesn't make sense for you or your house. That's why we provide a range of coverage limits for you to choose from — so you can get the right level of protection.

standard coverages for homeowners insurance

Your Esurance homeowners policy gives you an array of handy coverage options to choose from.

Dwelling protection

Your policy can help you repair or rebuild your house if fire, wind, vandalism, or other covered incident damages your home. It's smart to get at least enough dwelling protection to cover the total cost of rebuilding your home (and you're always free to get more coverage, too).

Family liability protection

This coverage comes in handy if you or someone on your policy accidentally injures someone or damages a neighbor's property. Your policy helps cover liability costs like legal fees and settlements, and even others' medical bills. Plus, no deductible is needed for this coverage to take effect.

Personal property protection

When you've got an Esurance policy, things like your furniture, electronics, and clothes get a great defense against damage and other risks. Taking a simple home inventory can help you determine the level of coverage that works best for you and your belongings.

Guest medical protection

If a visitor is hurt in your home, be it by treadmill mishap or slippery staircase, homeowners insurance can help pay their medical fees, even if you're not liable for their injuries. And there's no deductible, which means there are no out-of-pocket costs associated with this coverage.

Other structures coverage

We know Missouri is no stranger to severe storms. With an Esurance policy, you can get coverage for structures not attached to your house, like a carport, gazebo, or even a greenhouse. (Just imagine — protection for your tomato plants, too.)

extra coverages for added protection

Consider these additional coverages for your home in Missouri to help you get the most from your policy, such as:

  • Eco upgrade — after a claim, this coverage replaces your old, energy-inefficient appliances with ENERGY STAR qualified ones (saving all kinds of green!).
  • Golf cart coverage — enjoy coverage for your favorite 4-wheel vehicle, no matter how you use it (on the links, around your property, and beyond).
  • Identity theft expense coverage — for just $3 a month ($4 for 2 people), we help you out by bringing in a dedicated service to help fix any damage done to your name and credit due to ID theft. Opting for this coverage also grants you an annual credit report and score, monthly credit file monitoring, and a dedicated ID theft advisor.
  • Additional coverage on jewelry, watches, and furs — some of your valuables might need more protection than basic personal property coverage provides. When you get additional coverage for your most prized possessions, you're covered if they're stolen or damaged.

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