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Living in Michigan can be a real joy, whether you love boating on the state's countless lakes, exploring historic automobile museums, or just seeing the leaves change color in autumn. Whether you own a house in Detroit, Grand Rapids, or elsewhere in the Wolverine State, it's good to get protection for you and your belongings with homeowners insurance.

Say a thief breaks into your home and steals your TV while you're out and about, or a guest sues after they're injured on your property. Without home insurance, you could get stuck paying replacement or liability expenses out of pocket. Get a Michigan home insurance quote and see how affordable coverage from Esurance can protect your home and more.

discounts on michigan home insurance

While you're breezing through the quote process, you'll see an assortment of discounts that can help you save even more money on your home insurance.

Welcome Home discount

Couldn't be easier — whether you're a new homeowner getting coverage for the first time or coming to us from another home insurer, we'll apply this discount to your first 2 policy terms.

Home Safety Features discount

Another easy way to score a discount? Outfit your home with common safety features like a smoke detector, deadbolt locks, and fire sprinklers.

Multi-Policy discount

Already have an auto policy with us? Awesome! By bundling your home and auto policies with Esurance, you'll get even greater savings.

Claim-Free discount

If you go claim-free for at least a year, you stand to save. As you remain a responsible homeowner, you'll see bigger discounts the longer you go without incident.

Smoke-Free discount

As if being a non-smoker wasn't reward enough. If no one in your household smokes, you can nab a discount for being fire-safety conscious.

More helpful homeowners insurance discounts in Michigan include the Preferred Buyer discount, New Home discount, Hail Resistant Roof discount, Future Effective Date discount, DIY Inspection discount, and the Loyal Customer discount.

standard home coverages in michigan

Your Esurance policy literally goes above and beyond the structure of your home, providing protection for the things that make your house uniquely yours.

When you grab a quote for homeowners insurance, you'll see several coverages that come standard with your home policy in Michigan, including but not limited to:

Dwelling protection

Living in the Wolverine State, you're likely used to hot summers and freezing winters (but of course, those beautiful autumnal leaves, too). Fortunately, if a covered risk like wind, hail, or even fire damages your well-loved abode, your coverage can help pay to repair or rebuild.

How much dwelling protection do you need for your home? It's good to get at least enough coverage to cover the total cost of rebuilding your house. Keep in mind, you can always increase your coverage limit.

Additional living expense coverage

If you're ever temporarily forced out of your home due to a covered loss, this coverage is sweeter than a Michigan cherry. It helps cover your meals, hotel bill, and other reasonable expenses for up to 12 months (up to your coverage limit), or until you're able to go home.

Guest medical protection

If a guest is injured on your property (and we know how a game of charades can get pretty intense sometimes), your coverage can help cover their medical expenses, even if you're not liable for the injury. Plus, you don't have to pay a deductible for this coverage to work its magic.

Personal property protection

Your Esurance policy helps protect items inside your house, too, like furniture, appliances, clothing — important personal belongings that need to be repaired or replaced if they're ever damaged or stolen.

Other structures coverage

Severe seasonal changes in the Wolverine State could damage more than just your house. When you get home insurance from us, you can even get protection for structures not attached to your main house, like a carport out front or a gazebo in your yard.

benefits of an esurance policy

Customizable coverage limits

At Esurance, we provide a wide range of coverage limits for you to choose from, so you get the right protection for you. That means never having to deal with one-size-fits-all insurance for your one-of-a-kind home in Michigan.

Flexible payment schedule

As an Esurance policyholder, you're given a convenient 12-month policy term, which you can choose to pay:

  • Monthly
  • With your escrow account
  • All up front

5 percent back with claim forgiveness

With this handy feature, you'll get up to 5 percent off your premium if you're claim-free at the end of your term. And if you do have to file a claim, we'll even let you keep your Claim-Free discount.

We know that accidents happen, so rest assured your rates won't increase due to a one-time incident.

get more protection with added coverages

For even more protection for your house in Michigan, it's wise to consider some additional coverages to your homeowners policy.

Additional coverage for jewelry, watches, and furs

Chances are you've got at least a few pieces of jewelry, family treasures, and other costly knick-knacks in your house. Fortunately, we offer high-limit coverage on items that might exceed the limits of basic personal property coverage.

Identity theft expense coverage

Having your identity stolen can be terribly unsettling, for you and your bank account. But worry not — this coverage can help remedy things.

For just $3 a month ($4 for 2 people), we connect you with a service dedicated to fixing the damage done to your name and credit following identity theft. You'll even get access to an annual credit report, monthly credit file monitoring, and an ID theft advisor to help you out.

Building codes coverage

Your homeowners policy would help restore your home to its original condition if it needs to be repaired or rebuilt after a covered incident. This coverage helps you pay the extra cost of bringing it up to any new building standards.

Eco upgrade

Let's say your energy-inefficient dishwasher is wrecked by a covered incident and ceases to function. Our nifty eco upgrade coverage helps pay for you to upgrade to an ENERGY STAR qualified product.

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