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Your home in Kentucky is more than where you live. It's also one of your largest and proudest investments, a symbol of security for your family's future. That's why it's so important to choose the right Kentucky home insurance, one that safeguards your finances no matter what perils come your way.

Get a free quote for home insurance in Kentucky and explore top-tier coverage options for your home, personal belongings, liability, and more. That way, you can stay prepared for the unexpected, and keep your place and hard-earned assets safe.

perks of an esurance policy in the bluegrass state

Customizable coverage limits

Everyone has different needs when it comes to home insurance, so why get one-size-fits-all protection? At Esurance, we provide you with a wide range of coverage options, so you can build a policy that's unique to you and your home.

Flexible payment schedule

Kentuckians with an Esurance home policy get the convenience of a 12-month policy term, which you can choose to pay:

  • Monthly
  • With your escrow account
  • All up front

5 percent back with claim forgiveness

With this handy feature, if you're claim-free at the end of your term, we'll gladly knock up to 5 percent off your premium.

We know that accidents happen, so don't worry — your rates won't go up due to a one-time incident. If you end up filing a claim, you can keep your Claim-Free discount.

save more with discounts in kentucky

While the grass in your state is known for turning blue, we think residents should be known for saving green. Here's a sampling of discounts we offer in the Bluegrass State.

Preferred Buyer discount

Couldn't be simpler — you qualify for this discount just by getting a policy with Esurance. By remaining a responsible customer and making on-time payments, you'll keep saving over time.

Multi-Policy discount

Do you already insure your car with Esurance? Great! By bundling your Kentucky home and auto policies with us, you'll save some green.

New Home discount

If you're the original owner of your home, all you have to do to nab this discount is insure it with us within 12 months of its purchase or completion date.

Even if you're not the original owner, you can still qualify for this discount by insuring your home within 5 years of purchase.

Welcome Home discount

Just for choosing Esurance to insure your place in the Bluegrass State, we'll give you sweet savings on your premium for the first 2 policy terms.

Want to save even more? Our other discounts on home insurance in Kentucky include the DIY Inspection discount, Smoke-Free discount, Claim-Free discount, Home Safety Features discount, Hail Resistant Roof discount, Future Effective Date discount, and the Loyal Customer discount.

kentucky home coverages from esurance

A reliable Kentucky homeowners insurance policy should include coverage for the things you keep at home, not just the structure of your house (though that's important!). At Esurance, we provide an extensive mix of coverages that come standard with your home policy.

Personal property protection

Worried about the safety of your electronics, fancy kitchen appliances, first-edition hardcovers, and more? Your policy protects your everyday items — in addition to clothes and furniture — so you don't need to worry about paying to replace your stuff if they're damaged or stolen.

Not sure how much personal property protection you'd like? Take a home inventory and see how much stuff you have and what it would cost to replace everything.

Dwelling protection

Kentucky is prone to scorching summers and below-freezing winters, which could leave your house vulnerable to the elements. Fortunately, your policy guards against hazards like hail, wind, and more, and pays for repairs to your home if it's damaged by certain types of severe weather.

When deciding on your dwelling protection limit, consider getting at least enough coverage to cover the total cost of rebuilding your house.

Additional living expense coverage

What if a covered loss like a kitchen fire leaves your home temporarily uninhabitable and you need to stay elsewhere in the meantime? We'll help cover your hotel bill, food costs, and other reasonable expenses for up to 12 months (up to your limit), or until it's safe for you to move back in.

Other structures coverage

When you choose an Esurance policy, you even get protection for other structures on your property, like a gazebo or carport. Greenhouse gets damaged by a hailstorm? This coverage can help pay to restore it to its former greatness.

Family liability protection

Your policy covers accidental injuries or damages you (or someone on your policy) cause to someone else's property. This coverage even helps pay liability costs like legal fees, medical bills, and settlements.

There's no deductible associated with this coverage, so you can keep that money in your pocket. Plus, you can always increase your liability coverage limit if you'd like.

increase your protection with additional coverages

Sometimes more actually is better. While you're getting your free Kentucky home insurance quote, you'll be able to add these optional coverages.

Additional coverage on jewelry, watches, and furs

Want a little extra protection for that gold watch? Luckily, you can get additional coverage for your high-ticket items like jewelry and even fine furs. If your most prized possessions exceed the limits of basic personal property protection, this coverage can be a real lifesaver if your valuables are ever stolen or damaged.

Identity theft expense coverage

It can be cripplingly expensive to repair the damage done to your name and credit following ID theft.

Don't worry though — that's where this coverage comes in. We provide you with monthly credit file monitoring, an annual credit report and score, and pair you with an ID theft advisor for just $3 a month ($4 for 2 people).

Eco upgrade

If a covered incident causes an appliance in your home to break, our eco upgrade coverage will upgrade you to an ENERGY STAR qualified product.

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