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Hoosiers know that Indiana is much more than popcorn, sliced bread, and a gorgeous landscape (though what's not to love about all of that?). At Esurance, we think so too, which is why we're pleased as sugar cream pie to provide homeowners insurance in Indiana.

Whether it's protection for your dwelling itself or the personal belongings you keep inside, we provide customizable options so you can get a policy tailored to you and your pad. Get a home insurance quote and enjoy affordable coverage from Esurance in the Hoosier State.

perks of an esurance policy

Flexible payment schedule

When you get a policy with Esurance, you're given a convenient 12-month policy term, which you can choose to pay:

  • Monthly
  • With your escrow account
  • All up front

Customizable coverage limits

You need a policy that's every bit as unique as your home in Indiana. At Esurance, we provide a wide range of coverage limits for you to choose from.

5 percent back with claim forgiveness

With this helpful feature, you'll get up to 5 percent off your premium if you're claim-free at the end of your term. Even if you have to file a claim, we'll let you keep your Claim-Free discount.

Have a mishap? Worry not — your rates won't increase due to a one-time incident.

discounts in the hoosier state

What's better than an affordable policy? Well, racking up savings as you go through the quote process. Check out some of our discounts on Indiana homeowners insurance.

Welcome Home discount

To welcome you to the Esurance family, we'll give you this discount on your first 2 policy terms — whether you're a first-time homeowner getting coverage or switching to us from another home insurer.

Multi-Policy discount

You'll save just by having another policy with us (like motorcycle insurance or car insurance) in addition to your homeowners coverage from Esurance.

DIY Inspection discount

It pays to be a hands-on homeowner. Just send us a copy of your home appraisal completed within the past year and you could score this discount.

Home Safety Features discount

Does your house have common safety features like deadbolt locks, smoke detectors, or fire sprinklers? Not only could they help better protect your home, but you could qualify for this safety-savvy discount.

Smoke-Free discount

If your household is smoke-free, you'll save even more.

Curious about more ways to save in Indiana? Discounts on homeowners insurance in your state include the Preferred Buyer discount, New Home discount, Hail Resistant Roof discount, Future Effective Date discount, Claim-Free discount, and the Loyal Customer discount.

coverages that come standard in indiana

Sometimes your homeowners insurance needs to go the extra mile, providing protection for more than just the structure of your home. That's why an Esurance policy covers your personal belongings, accidental injuries or damages you (or someone on your policy) might be held responsible for, and more.

When you get a quote for homeowners insurance in Indiana, here's a sampling of the coverages you'll see that come standard with your policy.

Dwelling protection

Living in a land of tulip trees and peonies makes Indiana an ideal place to call home … most of the time. Seasonally, the Hoosier State has its share of ups and downs, ranging from icy winters to sticky summers. If a covered risk like hail, wind, or even fire damages your home, your policy can help repair or rebuild it without breaking into your savings.

How much dwelling protection is right for your home? It's a good idea to get at least enough coverage to cover the total cost of rebuilding your house. You can also increase your coverage limit if you'd like.

Personal property protection

Top-quality protection doesn't stop at your front door. Your policy covers items you keep in your home, too, like appliances, electronics, clothing, furniture — things you'd have to pay out of pocket to replace without insurance.

Other structures coverage

In a state that's prone to tornadoes, your house isn't the only structure on your property that could suffer some serious damages. This coverage offers protection for structures not attached to your house, like a gazebo or carport.

Additional living expense coverage

If a covered loss renders your home temporarily unlivable, this coverage helps pay your hotel bill, meals, and other reasonable expenses for up to 12 months (up to your coverage limit), or until you're able to return home.

Guest medical protection

If a visitor gets injured on your property, your homeowners insurance could help cover their medical bills, even if you're not liable for the incident. Better yet, you don't need to pay a deductible in order for this coverage to kick in.

additional coverage options in indiana

With an Esurance policy, you're able to tack on additional coverages, too.

Identity theft expense coverage

Having your identity stolen can take a toll on you and your finances. If you're a victim of identity theft, this coverage provides you with a service dedicated to repairing the damage done to your name and credit.

For just $3 a month ($4 for 2 people), you'll get access to an annual credit report, monthly credit file monitoring, and an ID theft advisor.

Eco upgrade

If an energy-inefficient appliance is damaged or destroyed in a covered incident, this coverage will help you upgrade to an ENERGY STAR qualified product.

Additional coverage for jewelry, watches, and furs

Certain valuables in your home might need more protection than basic personal property coverage provides. Whether you have furs in the basement or hand-me-down pearls in a jewelry box, you can opt for high-limit coverage for your more precious possessions.

Building codes coverage

While your homeowners policy would help restore your home to its former glory after a covered loss, you would still be left paying the difference to bring your pad up to current code if building laws have changed since it was originally built. This coverage helps bridge that gap and keep your savings secure.

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