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If a terrible storm levels your house, can you afford to rebuild? If a burglary leaves your home ransacked, how do you piece your life back together? With Connecticut homeowners insurance, you don't have to second-guess a thing. This coverage helps you protect what matters most, like your family's well-being, your personal property, and the very structure of your abode.

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I think you're doing a pretty good job. I'm not computer savvy at all and I'm able to follow your directions to print insurance cards and look around my homeowners policy very easily. Thank you!

– Linda, Nevada

Our rep really took the time to explain each step of the process and was great at following up. She made the process easy and I appreciate her helping my family get our house back together.

– Tommy, Nevada

The entire [claim] process was quickly handled and there was no hassles. It was a truly stress-free experience which is rare nowadays. Thanks Esurance for not letting this turn into a nightmare.

– Iola, Kansas

home values in connecticut: insurance for your biggest investment

We envision our house as the ultimate refuge, our own slice of paradise. And that goes double in Connecticut (home to 2 cities on Money magazine's 2014 "Best Places to Live" list). However, your home isn't just your sanctuary. In Connecticut, it's also one of your most important investments.

County to county, the Nutmeg State is one of the most desirable to call home, with an average home value of roughly $279,000 — over $100,000 higher than the U.S. average. You worked tooth and nail for your Connecticut castle, so why would you ever dream of leaving your biggest asset vulnerable to storms, accidents, vandalism, or other threats?

Thankfully, homeowners insurance helps you look out for every dollar your abode is worth. If the worst happens and your home suffers damage or is destroyed by a covered risk, dwelling coverage can reimburse you for the full rebuilding cost (up to your limits). That way, restoring your house to its former glory doesn't mean jeopardizing your finances or your family's future.

discounts for connecticut homeowners

With taxes to pay, leaks to plug, and so many Palladian windows to squeegee, owning your Connecticut home can feel like a never-ending strain on the wallet. We think it's high time you were on the receiving end of some moolah for a change.

When you purchase coverage from a trusted Esurance partner, your home could pay you back generously with lower rates via cash-saving discounts. Just get your quote to see if you qualify for savings opportunities such as:

  • Welcome Home discount
  • Safety First discount
  • Multiple Policy discount

how much coverage is right for you?

Knowing how much Connecticut homeowners insurance to buy comes down to knowing how much it would take to rebuild your home and replace all your valuables.

While you may not come home every night to something as rare as Philip Johnson's infamous "Glass House" in New Canaan, we're betting you still don't want to foot the bill for reconstructing your abode out of pocket. And when it comes to your possessions, take time for a thorough home inventory and make sure you select enough personal property coverage to reimburse you if your stuff is stolen or suffers damage.

On top of basic options, you can also select from an array of optional coverages, such as identity theft protection, water backup coverage, and many more. Start your free quote today to start planning a Connecticut homeowners policy with terms and coverages that suit you.

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