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At Esurance, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all coverage. Instead, we want to help Californians tailor a policy to the things that matter most to them — from safeguarding precious valuables inside your home, to protecting your family with liability insurance.

While Esurance doesn't currently provide homeowners insurance in California, you can breathe easy by selecting coverage from our trusted partner. From the Bay Area to L.A. County, start your quote today to get California home insurance with your interests in mind.

I think you're doing a pretty good job. I'm not computer savvy at all and I'm able to follow your directions to print insurance cards and look around my homeowners policy very easily. Thank you!

– Linda, Nevada

Our rep really took the time to explain each step of the process and was great at following up. She made the process easy and I appreciate her helping my family get our house back together.

– Tommy, Nevada

The entire [claim] process was quickly handled and there was no hassles. It was a truly stress-free experience which is rare nowadays. Thanks Esurance for not letting this turn into a nightmare.

– Iola, Kansas

protection for your most personal investment

From Mission to Modern, Googie to Tiki, the state of California has more architectural styles than climate zones. Chances are you went to great lengths choosing or designing a home that fits your unique personality — so why would you ever dream of leaving your most cherished investment unprotected?

Thankfully, with homeowners insurance, you can back up every pristine slab of marble, slope of rooftop, and sheet of rosewood. If your home is ever damaged or destroyed by a storm, explosion, or other covered risk, dwelling protection can help rebuild your pad from the ground up so you don't lose out on a single dollar that it's worth or singular design flair you love.

discounts for your modern california home

Being on the vanguard of cutting-edge home design means California is chock-full of new construction. And shiny new homes can be as pleasing to the wallet as they are to the eye. Depending on your insurer, if your home is less than 10 years old, you could qualify for a convenient discount and lower homeowners insurance rates.

Just start your free quote to see if you're eligible for this or other discounts, such as:

  • Safety-related discount for having burglar or fire alarms
  • Retirement discount if you've settled into the Golden State for those golden years
  • Bundling discount for combining homeowners and auto insurance

how much does homeowners insurance cost?

It's different for everyone. A lot depends on the unique terms of your policy, the coverages and discounts you have, and where you live.

However, there are certain things that could drive up your rates that you do have more control over. For instance, installing a swimming pool (practically a CA rite-of-passage) could be seen as an attractive nuisance by your insurer and lead to unexpected rate increases.

Head to the Esurance Info Center for more details on things that could raise your premium and tips on how you can best neutralize these risk factors.

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