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Wondering how to save on homeowners insurance? Well, it just got (WAY) easier. Bundle your car and home insurance. Do a quick DIY home inspection using our app. Have a smoke-free household. That's right! ALL of those could land you a discount.

And that's just a taste. Scroll down to see the rest of our homeowners insurance discounts.

The 2 types of homeowners discounts — and how to get 'em

Homeowners discounts break down into 2 types: how you make your home safer and how you manage your policy. Let's jump in.

A safer home means a safer YOU and your family. And a safer family means some pretty sweet perks.

DIY Home Inspection discount

Once you buy home insurance from Esurance, use our DIY Home Inspection App®. Send us a few videos of your inspection … the app will show you how. It's VERY easy. And that's it! You'll automatically get a $50 discount on your first term.

Home Safety Features discount

Burglar alarms. Smoke detectors. A water safety system. Basically the more devices you have — and the higher the quality — the more you save. Easy-peasy.

Claim-Free discount

Go just one year without making a claim and you'll save. The longer you're claims-free, the MORE you could save.

Plus, you can add Claims Forgiveness to your policy. That way, if you do file a claim, we'll waive the first one. Your premium won't go up AND you still keep your Claim-Free discount. Not bad.

Storm Shutter discount

Add storm shutters to all exterior windows and reduce your homeowners insurance rate. That way, your home's protected against Mother Nature's ire … and you save money on insurance to boot. This discount's available in Texas, Alabama, Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, New York, and New Jersey.

Hail Resistant Roof discount

You don't want baseball-sized chunks of ice destroying your roof. We don't either. Eliminate this risk altogether and get rewarded for it.

Smoke-Free discount

A non-smoking household is a plus for fire safety. And can mean a discount.

Smart policy management makes life easy. And means awesome discounts. Getting an Esurance policy for a new home. Bundling home with car or motorcycle (or BOTH). These could all earn you a discount.

You can even get a discount just for switching to Esurance. No but really …

Welcome Home discount

Just choosing Esurance can land you this discount. Plus, it's applied to the first 2 years of your policy. Talk about easy savings.

New Home discount

Whether your home's newly constructed or simply new to you — sign up for an Esurance homeowners policy within 12 months of its purchase or completion date. And this discount could be yours.

Loyal Customer discount

We HAVE to show true-blue customers some serious love. Renew your policy with us and you just might cop this homeowners discount.

Future Effective Date discount

Set your policy's effective date to be at least 7 days after you buy it. It gives you more time to get your coverage in order — and some pretty sweet home insurance savings for you.

Preferred Buyer discount

Paying things on time feels good. And it feels even better to get rewarded for it. This discount kicks in the moment you buy your policy. Call it a clean slate. Then as you pay your homeowners premium on time over the years, those savings may continue climb. Also, we have an auto-pay feature which pretty much locks this discount in.

Multi-Policy discount

Already have an Esurance policy? Bundle home & auto — save on BOTH coverages. And enjoy the convenience of having everything in one place.

Start saving today

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