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Golf carts are relatively affordable to begin with, and insurance for them can be, too. To make sure you're getting the best value, read up about our wide array of discounts on golf cart insurance.

A wide array of discounts can help save you major green

score savings on golf cart insurance

What's better than getting a great rate? Well, saving even more on insurance for your much-loved golf cart. Here are some of the discounts that make it simple for you to score an even more affordable policy for your golf cart.

  • Homeowners discount

    One of our easiest ways to save on golf cart insurance, you could get this discount just for owning your home or condo. Sounds like a win-win to us!

  • Multi-Vehicle discount

    You could see even bigger savings by insuring more than one golf cart, bike, ATV, etc., on the same policy.

  • Multi-Policy discount

    Got a car to insure? When you start an auto policy with us in addition to your golf cart policy, you could save some cash.

  • Switch & Save® discount

    When you switch over to Esurance from another company, you could save 15 percent — just one way we're thanking you for being awesome.

  • Association discount

    If you also ride a motorcycle and belong to a preferred rider organization, you could qualify for this super simple way to save.

  • Motorcycle Endorsement discount

    Motorcyclists could also save up to 10 percent just for having a motorcycle license or endorsement (an extension of your auto license that allows you to ride motorcycles).

  • Responsible Driver discount

    You could qualify for this discount if you're ticket- and accident-free for 3 years, which should be pretty easy to achieve if your main ride is a golf cart.

  • Safety Course discount

    Ride a motorcycle? You could get this discount for completing a state-approved motorcycle safety course within the past 36 months. Safety saves in more ways than one.

  • Paid-in-Full discount

    It's nice not having to worry about paying your golf cart insurance bill for a whole year. Even nicer? Getting a discount for paying off your premium in full.

loyalty rewards

You could qualify for more great ways to save just by maintaining a policy with Esurance or our partner. Loyalty rewards for your golf cart insurance policy can include:

Small accident forgiveness

We're human, too, so we understand that mistakes happen. If you cause an accident that results in a claim of $500 or less on average, we won't raise your premium a dime.

Large accident forgiveness

If you've been with Esurance or our partner for at least 4 years, your premium won't be raised as long as all drivers on your policy are claim-free for at least 3 years prior to your first major incident. Loyalty has its just desserts!

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