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America's Dairyland has it all: the charm of the suburbs, the convenience of big cities like Milwaukee and Madison, and the middle-of-nowhere-ness of, well, the middle of nowhere. So it's easy to see why it's such a popular place to own a condo. To keep your pad a resident's dream for years to come, though, it helps to have the right Wisconsin condo insurance.

Although Esurance doesn't provide condo insurance in your state, we'll help you secure coverage from a trusted partner. Whether you want extra protection for your unit interior, your treasured valuables, or your personal liability, you'll be able to tailor a policy when you get a free quote.

secure your wisconsin condo and save

You don't go around expecting your home to get broken into (after all, what an exhausting way to live). Nevertheless, it pays to be prepared. No, literally. The average amount stolen in Wisconsin burglaries is roughly $1,600 bucks. We're guessing you'd rather not part with that kind of tidy sum, which means it's time to get serious about protecting your condo with a burglar alarm.

And as if keeping your abode safe and secure weren't reason enough, having a central burglar alarm in your Wisconsin pad could also net you a discount on your condo insurance rates!

Get your free quote to see what other cash-saving discounts you might qualify for.

homeowners association (HOA) coverage vs condo insurance

For many Wisconsinites, there might be confusion over why you need condo insurance at all if your HOA already has a master policy for the building.

Essentially, while your HOA's insurance is the main policy used for incidents that happen to the building exterior or common areas (pool, gym, etc.), this coverage typically doesn't extend inside your own unit.

If you, say, leave a candle burning and cause a fire, the repairs would likely have to come out of your own pocket. Similarly, if your valuables are stolen, it's up to you to replace them. Or if a buddy trips on your entryway rug and breaks an arm, it's you that could be held liable, not the HOA.

While it's always smart to review your HOA policy to avoid overlapping with your own coverage, the scenarios above should highlight just how useful personal condo insurance can be (and how relieved you'll feel to have it if disaster strikes).

hidden valuables in your condo

Protecting your personal property is one of the chief functions of condo insurance. And even if you don't think you have much worth safeguarding, you might want to think again.

Swiss watches, fur coats, and giant TVs may be the most obvious types of valuables — but they're not the only ones. You may be surprised at what kind of hidden treasures are lurking around your unit. Classic vinyl, for instance, can easily run 3 or 4 figures. Or what about the hand-me-down threads you got from distant relatives? Designer labels could be worth a pretty penny.

Head to the Esurance Info Center to discover other hidden valuables that could make you rethink how much condo insurance you need.

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