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With landmarks like Antietam and the West Virginia Penitentiary, and rugged, untouched wilderness, the Mountain State combines history and mystery like few other places. There's no mystery, however, to how you can make your home here a place for the ages: by protecting it with West Virginia condo insurance.

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what condo insurance covers

If you're part of a condo building in West Virginia, surprisingly, your homeowners association (HOA) master insurance policy doesn't cover as many mishaps as you'd hope. While incidents to the outside of your building and common areas are typically taken care of, issues regarding your unit, your belongings, and your liability are usually left up to you.

Thankfully, there's condo insurance in case:

  • A kitchen fire breaks out in your unit while you're cooking dinner
  • A burglar makes off with your high-priced jewelry or electronics
  • Someone gets injured visiting your place and sues you for the medical bills

And those are just a few possible scenarios. To make sure you have protection for your finances and peace of mind for you and your loved ones, there's no substitute for reliable condo insurance.

fire-proof your west virginia condo and save

With the second-highest rate of cigarette smokers per capita in the U.S. (nearly 1 in 3 residents), West Virginia is definitely a place to make home-fire prevention a high priority.

That's why it's always a good idea to choose condo buildings that have smoke alarms and sprinkler systems installed throughout their units — or, if they don't, add these items yourself. On top of giving you extra peace of mind from overheated stovetops, unattended candles, or that not-quite-extinguished cigarette, having these safety features in your condo could also qualify you for convenient discounts with an Esurance partner!

Get your free quote to see if you qualify for these or other nifty savings opportunities.

condo vs. homeowners insurance

West Virginia has a homeownership rate of nearly 74 percent — about 10 points higher than the national average! This means your state is fertile ground for buying all sorts of property, both houses and condos.

However, contrary to popular belief, insuring these 2 home types requires vastly different approaches. If you're in the market for a WV condo or have recently made a purchase, jump over to the Esurance Info Center for an easy-to-follow guide on the key differences between homeowners and condo insurance, so you can protect your unit in the smartest way possible.

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