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Whether the view from your window features the noble Space Needle, the serene Marymoor Park, (or, you know, a Starbucks drive-thru), the great state of Washington is your home. And if you want to make the most of Evergreen State living, start by protecting your home-within-your-home under Washington condo insurance.

Although Esurance doesn't offer condo insurance in Washington, we can still help you get a fast, free quote through our hassle-free site so you can customize a policy with our trusted partner.

why you need condo insurance

No one likes to think of mishaps occurring where they live. But stuff happens, as they say. And you might be surprised at how little of it will be covered by your homeowners association's (HOA) master policy, which typically only handles incidents that occur outside your unit.

That means, without additional protection, you could be left to foot the bill for damages if:

  • Your roof springs a leak
  • Your kitchen catches on fire
  • Your belongings are burglarized
  • Your friend trips and gets injured on your stairs

And these are just a few examples. Clearly, you'll want to be prepared. Thankfully condo insurance in Washington takes care of you, your stuff, and much more, so you're better protected from unforeseen disasters.

washington condo discounts

No matter where you live in Washington, condo insurance discounts are high on your list of priorities (right after hot running water and reliable Wi-Fi).

Luckily, when you get a quote with an Esurance partner, you could qualify for convenient, cash-saving discounts such as:

  • Central Fire Alarm discount
  • Paid-in-Full discount
  • Age of Construction discount
  • Central Burglar Alarm discount

Just get your free quote to find out exactly what kinds of savings possibilities you stand to earn.

cost of living in washington

Washington sure is a fun place to call home, but no one ever said it was cheap. The state features several cities well above the average cost-of-living index, including Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett. Of course, the steep price tag of housing in many of these cities is a big contributor — and all the more reason to have reliable condo insurance.

In Washington (more so than in many other places), your condo is truly a prized investment, and you'd hate to risk decreasing its value because of a freak accident. With condo coverage, however, you can get the dwelling protection you need to rebuild after a storm, fire, or other mishap, and sleep soundly knowing that your most important investment is secure.

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