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With diverse pleasures like the Sundance Film Festival and 5 national parks, Utah has no trouble attracting residents from all walks of life. Of course, since no 2 people in the Beehive State are exactly the same, why should their condo policies be?

Although Esurance doesn't currently offer condo insurance in Utah, we pride ourselves on helping you get coverage that's right for you. Just by getting a free quote from our partner, you'll be able to shop for the type of quality coverage and savings opportunities you deserve. That way, you can get back to enjoying your unique home — not worrying about it.

utah condo coverages

While your homeowners association (HOA) policy insures the building and its common areas, your unit — its interior and your furniture, electronics, etc. — is yours to protect. Your policy through Esurance helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing items following damage or theft. Here are just a couple examples of when condo insurance is there to help:

  • If a kitchen fire or other covered incident forces you to move out temporarily, your policy pays for additional living expenses in the meantime, like your hotel bill and food
  • Say a roof leak ruins your living room couch while you're at the Clark Planetarium one afternoon. While your HOA isn't responsible for damage to your belongings (only the damage to the roof itself), your coverage kicks in to help repair or replace your relaxation throne.

sweet savings in the beehive state

The only thing better than getting affordable condo insurance is scoring discounts on top of a great rate. Depending on your condo insurer, you might be able to land savings unique to you and your condo with discounts. Say you install a central burglar alarm or your condo is equipped with other safety features like deadbolt locks or smoke alarms. You could be rewarded with savings sweeter than honey.

coverage beyond your HOA in utah

Your state is familiar with subzero winters, thanks in part to its elevation. You might be able to crank the heat when it gets too cold inside, but what if a pipe freezes or your ceiling is damaged by a roof leak? While your HOA is responsible for repairing the roof, you're on your own when it comes to interior fixes (which means, unfortunately, everything in your condo). Luckily, condo insurance covers frozen pipes, damage to the structure of your unit, and more.

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