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Even the most rugged of cowboys and cowgirls need a relaxing place to kick up those boots, which is why getting condo insurance in Texas is so important. If you call the Lone Star State home, condo coverage can help rebuild your place after a disaster or replace your valuables following a burglary. That way, no matter what happens as the years go by, your home can stay, well, yours.

When you get a free quote from our partner company, you'll find flexible coverage options — like dwelling protection and loss assessment coverage — and could even score nifty discounts, so you can get a policy that's right for you.

why do i need condo insurance?

In the event of building damages, your HOA is there to cover the repairs. But their policy doesn't extend to your unit or anything inside, so it's a good idea to invest in your own condo insurance. Aside from replacing your items following a burglary or repairing them due to damage, Texas condo insurance also:

  • Helps pay for repairs if a fire, burst pipe, or other disaster damages the interior of your condo
  • Covers the medical bills (up to your limit) if a guest slips and gets injured in your kitchen (and even goes toward your legal fees if the injured party unfortunately decides to sue)
  • Helps with additional living expenses like your hotel bill and meals if a covered incident like a hurricane or fire forces you to temporarily relocate

ways to save in the lone star state

The only thing sweeter than a marinated rack of BBQ ribs is landing a discount (or a few!) on your Texas condo policy. Depending on your condo insurer, you might be able to save for simple things, like paying your premium all at once or even just owning a condo equipped with safety features like deadbolt locks or a smoke alarm.

condo living vs. owning a house in texas

In February of 2014, the median price for a condo in Houston was $145,000, over $130,000 less than the national median asking price. But while purchasing a condo in many parts of Texas could be a great deal, the Lone Star State does contend with hurricanes, thanks to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.

Fortunately, condo owners — unlike homeowners — only need protection for their unit's interior and everything inside, not the building itself. So if a hurricane tears into the roof of your building, your HOA's insurance pays for the repairs. But if a tree branch breaks your kitchen window? That's where your policy kicks in to save the day.

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