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Given the limited space residents have in Rhode Island (the smallest U.S. state), every last square inch of your abode matters. So it's no wonder having stellar protection for your pad is as much a part of the Ocean State as coffee milk and clam cakes. At Esurance, we're happy to help you get condo insurance in Rhode Island that more than meets your lofty standards.

It might come as a shock to learn that many incidents that occur in your condo are up to you to handle, not your homeowners association (HOA) coverage. Thankfully, condo insurance helps keep mishaps in your Little Rhody home from taking a big bite out of your finances. And although Esurance doesn't provide condo insurance in Rhode Island, we'll help you shop for a policy from our trusted partner so you can get condo coverage that works for you.

coverage for rhode island condo owners

Though your HOA's insurance policy takes care of your building and common areas (like a lobby or pool), their coverage doesn't include your unit — its interior or your belongings (like appliances, electronics, etc.). Here are a couple instances in which it's good to have condo coverage.

Damage and theft protection

If a pipe bursts or you return home one night to find your condo's been burglarized, your HOA's master policy unfortunately doesn't cover repairs or the replacement of your valuables. Luckily, your condo policy helps pay for both.

Additional living expenses

If a fire or other unexpected accident temporarily renders your unit unlivable, who pays for your housing and meals in the meantime? Fortunately, condo insurance helps cover the repairs and your reasonable living expenses (like food and your hotel bill).

save on protection in the ocean state

Depending on your condo insurer, you might be able to qualify for a variety of discounts to help you save big in Little Rhody. Even something as simple as having safety features in your condo like smoke alarms or deadbolt locks, or bundling policies (like condo and car) with the same insurance company could land you savings on your premium.

the condo market in rhode island

Rhode Island's condo market didn't have an especially successful year in 2014, with the median price dropping 2 percent to $192,000 and the number of sales decreasing by 5 percent.

But what does that mean for Ocean State residents? Well, considering the national median asking price for condos in 2014 was nearly $100,000 more at $278,000, Rhode Island is a great place if you're looking to own property with a smaller price tag.

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