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You might call Pennsylvania, home of a certain chocolate bar, one of the sweetest places to live. Scratch that — after discovering the deliciously affordable rates you could get on Pennsylvania condo insurance, you definitely will.

If you have a condo in the Keystone State, it pays to get condo protection through Esurance to keep you, your guests, and your condo safe. You might even score discounts aplenty to help you enjoy all the sweet condo coverage you need without suffering a wallet-ache.

why get condo coverage through esurance?

Whether you work in Philly or vacation in the Poconos periodically, Pennsylvanians are fortunate to live in a winter wonderland at least a few months out of the year. But what happens when winter takes a turn for the worse?

If a hail storm wrecks your living room window or the weight of snow caves in the roof over your head, who pays for the repairs? Though your homeowners association (HOA) pays for repairs to the building (like a weatherworn roof), condo insurance is the best way to protect your unit's interior and the things you keep at home.

potential savings in pennsylvania

Depending on your condo insurer, you could save on your condo insurance premium by qualifying for a variety of discounts. Here are a just a couple of scenarios that might score you savings:

  • If your Keystone State condo boasts home safety features like a smoke alarm, burglar alarm, or other features that help protect your unit
  • If you pay your premium all at once instead of making monthly installments

other ways your condo policy protects you

In addition to protecting you from wintry hazards like frozen pipes and hailstorms, here's how Pennsylvania condo insurance helps protect you, your assets, and your unit's interior:

  • Say you get a little heavy-handed and accidentally injure someone at the Please Touch Museum. Rather than rack up a fortune in potential legal fees and medical bills, your condo coverage kicks in to help cover both costs.
  • If your unit is temporarily unlivable following a disaster like a fire, your coverage doesn't just repair your place — it also helps pay for reasonable living expenses (like a hotel and your meals)

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