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The Beaver State boasts the coolest in cultural diversity. And owning a condo in Oregon, from trendy Portland to bustling capital Salem, puts all the uniquely wonderful things in your state just outside your door. Of course, it helps to know your place is secure while you're out and about.

Thankfully, Oregon condo insurance helps protect your unit and your personal belongings so you can keep your mind on what really matters (like insanely good farmers-market squash!). Your Oregon condo insurance policy comes complete with dwelling protection, loss assessment coverage, and more. Simply get a free quote from our trusted partner to get the great coverages and affordable rates you've come to expect when Esurance is involved.

oregon condo coverages

Does your homeowners association (HOA) master policy cover your belongings? Who pays for damage to common areas? Fortunately, Esurance has the answers to your pressing coverage questions.

Damage, theft, and common areas

Just because Oregon is green doesn't mean you have a ton to spend on repairing of replacing your items following theft or damage. The good news is that while your HOA doesn't cover your belongings, your condo insurance policy does exactly that in the event of a covered incident.

And if a common area like a pool or lobby is damaged by Mother Nature — be it a fallen tree or lightning storm — your policy helps cover your share of repairs.

Personal liability coverage

Say you accidentally injure someone clawing for the last on-sale flat screen at an electronics store. Fortunately, your condo insurance helps cover their medical bills and even your legal fees … should the injured party decide to sue.

ways to save on your oregon condo policy

Oregonians know savings (no sales tax, anyone?). Luckily, depending on your condo insurer, you stand to save on your policy rates by qualifying for an assortment of discounts. Say you have a condo in Portland or Eugene with safety features like deadbolt locks or a smoke alarm, or you live in a gated community that requires a security code to enter — you might see savings.

owning a condo vs. owning a house

Central Oregon had an especially busy (and damaging) wildfire season in 2014, with fires burning over 842,000 acres in the Beaver State. Unfortunately for Oregon homeowners, a wildfire could cost thousands of dollars' worth of property damage. But as a condo owner, you have 2 important forms of protection that Oregonians who own houses don't: your HOA and your condo policy.

While your HOA is responsible for repairing any damage to the building following a covered incident like fire, wind, or hail, your condo insurance goes the distance for your unit and the things you keep there (like furniture, appliances, and more).

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