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Beauty comes in all forms in Oklahoma — from the wetlands and plains outside your door to the marble bathroom tile and granite island inside it. If you own a condo in the Sooner State, you want to protect the beautiful home you've worked so hard for without sacrificing your savings in the process. Thankfully, Oklahoma condo insurance cares for you, your unit's unique interior, and the valuables you fill it with.

With amazing coverage, you can enjoy a day reveling in your state's natural side without worrying if everything's safe and sound back home. When you get a free quote through Esurance, you'll be able to secure a condo policy with our partner and choose coverages that are right for you.

oklahoma condo coverages

Condo insurance through Esurance can help cover risks that your homeowners association (HOA) insurance might not, like additional living expenses if a covered incident forces you to live elsewhere temporarily. Here are a few scenarios in which it pays to invest in your own condo policy:

  • If a common area like a pool or courtyard is damaged by a tornado, fire, or other covered incident, your condo policy helps cover your share of the repair bills
  • Say you accidentally injure someone while you're out running errands. Not only does your coverage help pay for their medical bills, but it even covers your legal fees (if, unfortunately, you're sued).
  • What if your condo is burglarized while you're at work? Rather than having to pay a fortune to replace your valuables, your policy kicks in to cover the cost (up to your limit) of replacing your much-loved things like electronics and other knickknacks.

policy savings in the sooner state

There are few things sweeter than Oklahoma-made pecan pie and strawberries, but we think discounts on your condo insurance come pretty close. And depending on your condo insurer, you could save big for simple things, like bundling policies (like car and condo) with the same insurance company or even just having a condo equipped with safety features like a deadbolt lock or burglar alarm.

unique risks to condo owners in oklahoma

It's comforting to know your HOA is in charge of building maintenance and repairs if something should damage your building — especially because tornadoes are all too familiar to Oklahomans. With an average of 62 twisters a year, it certainly pays to have the support of an HOA.

But what if a tornado breaks a window in your unit or your condo's interior is damaged? While your HOA protects your building, your condo policy protects your unit. That way, you're not stuck footing the bill following a covered incident like a tornado, fire, or other disaster.

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