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With innovations like the country's first Wendy's and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it's clear Ohio is a one-of-a-kind place. Which begs the question, why should your condo insurance in Ohio be any different? Whether you rock Cleveland or own in Oxford, getting the right coverage can help you make the most of your condo.

At Esurance, we want to help you avoid generic Ohio condo insurance. That's why when you get a free quote from our partner, you'll be able to customize your policy with flexible coverage options that go above and beyond for you and your condo.

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Whether you want to protect your unit's unique interior, safeguard your belongings, or have backup funds in case a communal area gets wrecked and you have to chip in, it pays to have your own condo insurance. Here are just a couple of instances in which it's good to have your own coverage.

Temporary shelter

Say you've just spent the day riding roller coasters at Cedar Point and return home to find out there's been a fire in your condo. Unfortunately, your homeowners association (HOA) coverage doesn't extend to your unit. So who pays for your temporary housing and meals in the meantime? Fear not — your condo policy helps pay for additional living expenses like a hotel and food while your unit is being repaired.

Liability protection

Say you or someone on your policy gets a bit too rowdy at a Buckeyes game and accidentally injures someone. Luckily, condo insurance helps cover their medical bills and even your legal fees (if the injured party unfortunately decides to sue).

ways to save in the buckeye state

Ohio is a state famous for firsts — first fire department, first ambulance service, even the first hotdog. By getting your free quote, you could add to that list by scoring your first (and hopefully not last) discount in a flash. Depending on your condo insurer, you could save big by qualifying for a variety of easy discounts. For instance, you could save simply based on when your building or complex was built with the Age of Construction discount, or depending on the shape of your roof with the Roof Shape discount.

the perks of condo living

As an Ohioan, you're probably used to seemingly endless winters, with an annual average of 27-plus inches of snow keeping spring at bay. But if your pipes freeze as a result of the subzero temperatures or snow caves in the roof above you, who pays for the repairs? While your HOA is on the hook for roof damage, your condo insurance serves to take care of your icy pipes.

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