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The Tar Heel State is pretty well known for its extreme weather. All that springtime greenery and picturesque landscape can quickly turn nightmarish with a few wintry snowstorms.

Luckily, with coverage for your condo through Esurance, you can better prepare for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. You can start a free North Carolina condo insurance quote on our site to shop for a policy with our partner, and get coverages, limits, and deductibles that suit you and your unit.

coverage beyond your homeowners association (HOA) through esurance

If hail breaks all the windows in your condo or lightning causes a fire that damages your valuables, it's important to have reliable condo insurance in North Carolina. That way, you'll have financial protection for what your HOA insurance might not cover, like your unit's interior, your furniture, and more. How else does condo insurance help? Here are a few possibilities:

  • If a friend takes a spill on your kitchen floor, your condo policy actually helps pay for the medical bills. And if an accidental fall turns into an unfortunate lawsuit, coverage also helps pay for your legal fees.
  • Say you go on vacation and return to find your condo's been burglarized. Aside from the emotional damage, how do you pay to replace your valuables? Luckily, your policy foots the bill to replace your stolen knickknacks and more.
  • If a covered incident temporarily forces you out of your condo, coverage kicks in to help pay for your meals and hotel bill

ways to save on north carolina condo coverage

In true Tar Heel fashion, North Carolina residents pride themselves on living in a green place. But saving green? That's important too. And depending on your condo insurer, you could save on your policy by qualifying for a variety of discounts. For instance, if you pay your premium all at once or your condo is equipped with safety features like deadbolt locks or a burglar alarm, you could reap rewards.

condo living vs. owning a house in north carolina

In 2014, the median asking price for a condo in Raleigh was $247,900, roughly $30,000 less than the national average at the time. But North Carolina's reasonable price tag for a condo comes with some considerable weather-related obstacles. The Tar Heel State actually experiences an annual average of 31 tornadoes, which can lead to costly property damage.

But part of the beauty of owning a condo rather than a house is that it's your HOA's responsibility to maintain the building, while you're just responsible for your unit's interior and any belongings inside. So say a tornado rips some shingles from the roof of your building — it's your HOA who pays. But if a tree limb comes through your living room window, your condo policy typically helps cover the cost of those repairs.

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