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Whether you live in New York City, Albany, or Niagara Falls, condo ownership in New York comes with a diverse mix of cultures, tons of awesome cuisine, and beautiful views around every corner. To help you get the most out of the Empire State, we can help you find affordable condo insurance that safeguards you and your belongings, at home or away.

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While your homeowners association (HOA) coverage insures the building, it's not responsible for your personal belongings, anything inside your unit, or your share of common area repairs. Check out some of the reasons why condo coverage is a smart buy.

A defense against Mother Nature

New York suffered 6 tornadoes in 2013 alone, which is actually an improvement from the 8 in 2012. Fortunately, you're covered by your policy if a storm blows through and breaks some windows or damages any of your furniture, knickknacks, and more.

Coverage in case of theft

Similarly, if your belongings — whether it's your sound system or your favorite necklace — are ever stolen from your condo, your coverage helps repair or replace your things so you're not stuck footing the bill on your own.

potential savings through esurance

You could lower your premium by qualifying for an assortment of discounts. For instance, if your New York condo is equipped with home safety features like a burglar alarm or deadbolt locks, or if you pay your premium all at once, you might see additional savings on your policy.

the condo market in NY

Outside of Manhattan (where condo prices rose over 8 percent in 2014, an all-time high), a condo can be a smart way to own a home without breaking the bank. For instance, the median price for a condo in Rochester was just over $120,000 in 2013, making it one of the most affordable areas experiencing an increase in condo prices.

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