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When you own a condo in New Jersey, you likely pay a bit more attention to the risks of wild weather than folks in many other states.

Luckily, affordable condo insurance through Esurance will help cover the repair and replacement bills if snow comes crashing through your roof after a storm and much more. Get a free quote for New Jersey condo insurance to see how reliable coverage through Esurance can provide you with the peace of mind and financial security you need.

new jersey condo coverage through esurance

If your oven breaks, who pays to repair it? What if a patio you share with fellow condo owners is wrecked by a snowstorm? If your condo is burglarized, who covers the cost to replace your stolen electronics? Fortunately, Esurance knows which things your Homeowners Association (HOA) is responsible for and which are up to you … with the help of your condo policy.

Temporary shelter

While your HOA doesn't pay to repair a broken oven, it also doesn't pay if, say, your gas range is the source of a fire that spreads and forces you to move out while repairs are made to your unit. Luckily, condo insurance does, helping pay to fix the damage as well as cover your hotel bill and meals while you're displaced.

Theft protection

Say you come home from a Devils game to find that your condo's been burglarized. Paying to replace everything that was stolen could very well drain your savings. Good thing your coverage helps pay to replace your belongings, so you don't have to pay a fortune to reclaim your stuff.

ways to save on condo coverage

Garden State residents, rejoice — there's a way to make your condo policy even easier on your wallet. Though it varies by condo insurer, you could save on coverage by qualifying for a number of discounts. Say you install a central burglar alarm, bundle condo and auto policies, or have a condo that's made extra safe by smoke alarms and deadbolt locks. Any of these measures could qualify your for savings on your premium.

perks of condo ownership in the garden state

New Jersey wasn't always synonymous with hurricane damage, but in recent years, it's become important to plan for major storms. One of the best parts of condo ownership is knowing that you only need to pay to protect your unit, the things you keep there, and possibly your share of repairs to common areas.

So if a hurricane tears a hole in the roof over your head and destroys your new leather sectional, your HOA's master policy foots the bill for the roof, while your condo policy pays to replace your couch and restore your unit's ceiling.

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