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With drought, heavy rainfall, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum, there are plenty of reasons to carry condo insurance in New Hampshire.

For instance, it can help protect you against risks that your Homeowners Association's (HOA) master policy might not, like a guest's medical bills if they're injured on your property, or additional living expenses if a covered risk forces you out of your unit temporarily. Get a free quote online for your New Hampshire condo to see how affordable coverage through Esurance can give you added security and financial protection.

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Though your HOA's insurance policy protects the building and its common areas, their coverage doesn't include your unit — its interior or your belongings (like furniture, clothes, appliances, electronics, etc.). Here are just a few reasons to invest in your own condo insurance policy.

Damage and theft protection

If subzero temperatures freeze your pipes or you return home from work to find your condo's been burglarized, your HOA isn't obligated to pay for repairs or cover the replacement of your valuables. Fortunately, your condo insurance helps pay for both.

Additional living expenses

Say a kitchen fire gets out of hand and renders your condo temporarily unlivable. Who pays for your hotel bill and everyday expenses like food in the meantime? While your HOA doesn't have to put you up in a hotel while repairs are made, your condo policy covers the repairs and your interim living expenses until you can move back into your unit.

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The Granite State might be known for the first lottery in the U.S., but we'd like to help you win big with your condo policy too. Depending on your condo insurer, you might be able to save simply for being a diligent condo owner. For instance, if you pay your premium all at once or even just have a condo equipped with safety features like smoke alarms and deadbolt locks, you could be rewarded with discounts.

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