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Whether you live in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Reno, owning a condo in Nevada includes both metropolitan excitement and natural allure for its residents. To help you get the most out of the Sagebrush State, we can help you find condo insurance that helps protect you against the risks that your homeowners association (HOA) insurance might not cover.

Condo insurance can even go as far as to pay for additional living expenses if your unit temporarily becomes unlivable, or medical bills for a guest who injures themselves on your property. Simply get your free condo insurance quote through Esurance and start enjoying coverage with our reliable partner.

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Because your HOA is only responsible for insuring the building, not individual units (your belongings or the interior structure), there are a lot of things that need protecting in your home. And if a thief makes off with your laptop or your kitchen cabinets are destroyed by a fire, your condo coverage helps to ensure you're not paying out of pocket to repair damage or replace belongings.

Plus, if something like a flood resulting from a burst pipe gets out of hand and temporarily forces you to relocate, your condo insurance helps pay for reasonable expenses like your hotel and meals until you're able to move back in.

ways to save on your nevada condo policy

Nevada can be a pretty lucky place to call home if you play your cards right. And while your policy won't exactly make you rich, you could still save on your premium with a variety of discounts on condo coverage. If your condo in Vegas has safety features like a burglar alarm or deadbolt locks, or if you install an indoor sprinkler system, you could earn additional savings.

unique risks to nevada condo owners

Because you live in the driest state in the country, you probably don't concern yourself with weather-proofing your condo. But just as you have to watch out for high winds when you're driving, it's a good idea to consider them when it comes to your home.

Fortunately for condo owners, your HOA's master policy takes care of the exterior structure of your building, while your own condo insurance helps protect the interior of your unit and even cover your share of repairs to common areas. So if a windstorm does more than rattle some tree branches — say, manages to break a window in your unit — you're covered.

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