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While Nebraska's grassy plains and pine tree-covered hills lend to the state's beauty, they also create the perfect situation for a wildfire. It's important to protect yourself and your unit with condo insurance in Nebraska so you're not stuck footing the bill if, say, fire or smoke damage your valuables.

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the perks of condo ownership in NE

Lincoln alone gets nearly 26 inches of snow on average every year, and that's on the low side of Nebraska snowfall. If you're likely to grow weary of shoveling a snowy walkway all season, condo ownership relieves you from much of the maintenance that comes with owning a house in the Cornhusker State. The monthly fees you pay to your Homeowners Association (HOA) go toward common needs like property maintenance.

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No one wants to think about their belongings being damaged or their condo being burglarized, but sometimes these things happen. For many incidents, accidents, and full-blown disasters, condo insurance is there to protect you and the things in your unit.

Shelter if you need it

Your condo policy comes with protection for risks your HOA insurance might not cover, like additional living expenses if certain types of catastrophes temporarily render your unit unlivable. For instance, if a fire breaks out in your condo, you don't have the additional stress of paying for a hotel and meals while your unit is being repaired; your policy helps cover those costs.

Personal liability protection

Say a friend gets hurt in your condo or you accidentally injure someone away from home. Luckily, condo insurance helps protect your liability so you're not left to pay for medical bills or legal fees if an unfortunate accident turns into a lawsuit.

how to save on condo insurance

Want to lower your premium? You might qualify for an assortment of discounts in Nebraska, depending on your condo insurer. If you boast everyday home safety features like a smoke alarm or burglar alarm, or if you bundle policies (like condo and car) with the same insurance company, you could save even more on your condo insurance.

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