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The state aptly nicknamed Big Sky Country is a sight to behold with towering glaciers, lush valleys, and blue skies that seem to go on forever. And to help you get the most out of Montana, we can help you get comprehensive condo insurance from our partner that defends you, your guests, and your valuables against dangers at or away from home.

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why do i need condo insurance through esurance?

For most building damages, your Homeowners Association (HOA) is responsible for repairs and regular maintenance. Unfortunately though, their policy doesn't protect the interior of your unit or anything you keep inside. Here are a few reasons it pays to get your own condo insurance policy in Montana:

  • If your belongings are stolen or damaged, coverage takes care of the cost of repairing or replacing your things
  • Say a fire damages a wall of your unit. While your HOA doesn't cover the repair bill, your condo policy does.
  • If a friend slips on your freshly mopped floor and gets injured, your policy pays for their medical bills and your legal fees, in case an unfortunate mishap turns into a lawsuit

potential savings in the treasure state

What's (almost) as satisfying to Montanans as uncovering dinosaur eggs around "Egg Mountain"? Easy — saving money on your condo policy. Depending on your condo insurer, you could save by qualifying for a variety of discounts. For instance, if you live in a gated community that requires a security code to enter, or if you install an indoor sprinkler system, you could see some savings.

coverage beyond your HOA in montana

Mountain ranges in Montana can accumulate 25 feet of snow in a single winter, with larger cities getting as much as 30 to 50 inches in a year. But with all that wintry beauty comes the potential for exterior and interior damage to your condo. Say a snowstorm caves in the roof over your top-floor unit. Who pays for which repairs? While your HOA is responsible for the roof, your ceiling and any damaged furniture are yours to fix.

Luckily, condo insurance takes care of the interior of your unit, just as it does your belongings damaged due to covered risks like snow, fire, wind, and more. Better yet, your policy also covers your share of repairs if common areas are affected by a snowstorm, so you don't have to pay a fortune to help repair a walkway or patio.

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