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No one likes to think that something might happen to their home. But something as simple as someone vandalizing your condo while you're away on vacation can be a major financial setback if you're not carrying condo insurance in Missouri. Luckily, we can help you find affordable condo insurance from our partner.

A top-quality condo policy can protect you from theft, damage, and other risks your Homeowners Association (HOA) coverage doesn't. And when you get a free condo insurance quote through Esurance, you can even customize condo coverages, limits, and deductibles to make sure you have the right level of protection, all unique to you.

missouri condo coverages through esurance

Reliable condo insurance through Esurance can help cover risks that your HOA insurance might not, like additional living expenses if a covered incident forces you out of your unit temporarily. Here are a few scenarios in which it pays to have coverage of your own:

  • If a thunderstorm causes lightning damage or a window is broken by a tornado (interior damages your HOA might not cover), your policy pays for the repairs
  • Condo insurance covers the cost of replacing your belongings if you're burglarized or even if someone damages something as precious as a first-edition hardcover
  • Accidentally injure someone at a Tigers game? Your condo insurance helps pay for their medical bills. And if an unfortunate accident turns into a lawsuit, your legal fees are covered too.

how to save on your condo policy

Depending on your condo insurer, you could qualify for a variety of discounts on your policy. For instance, if you have a condo in Missouri and you're aged 55 or older, you could qualify for the 55+ discount. Or, if you live in a condo equipped with a central fire alarm system, you could score savings there too.

coverage beyond your HOA in missouri

It's not always clear who pays for what when it comes to building repairs. Generally, your HOA is responsible for damage to the building, but you're typically expected to pay a portion of the repairs for damage to common areas (along with your fellow condo owners). In the event of a covered risk though, your condo insurance covers your share of repairs, so you're not stuck paying out of pocket to help restore a shared area.

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