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Mississippi is known for its stunning historic buildings, some dating back to the antebellum period. And while the architecture in Mississippi is one of a kind, it can also mean your structure's resistance to storms or natural disasters may be lacking. That's where condo insurance comes in — to help better protect the interior of your unit and the things you keep there.

Mississippi condo coverage can also kick in where your Homeowners Association (HOA) insurance doesn't — say a guest gets injured on your property and you're responsible for their medical bills. See how easy it is to get reliable condo insurance and extra peace of mind when you get a speedy, free condo insurance quote through Esurance for coverage with our partner.

doesn’t my HOA cover my mississippi condo?

You might imagine that your homeowners association policy covers the entire structure of your home. But actually, damage to your unit's interior — walls, light fixtures, and flooring — are generally left to condo owners. Fear not though, because your condo insurance policy serves to help repair your unit following damage, so you don't have to foot the bill on your own if, say, a kitchen fire gets out of hand or a pipe bursts.

how to save on condo insurance

Hoping to lower your premium? You might qualify for an assortment of discounts in the Magnolia State, depending on your condo insurer. For instance, if your condo boasts everyday safety features like a burglar alarm or deadbolt locks, or if you bundle policies (like car and condo) with the same insurance company, you could stand to save on condo coverage in Mississippi.

unique risks to mississippi condo owners

Between 2006 and 2013, Mississippi faced nearly $4 billion in estimated property damage from severe weather — largely tornadoes and hurricanes, the former of which occur an average of 43 times a year. And if a tree branch breaks a window in your unit or you face lightning damage, how much will it cost to restore your home?

The good news is that condo insurance is there to pay for damages to your unit following wind-related damage (among other covered risks like theft and fire). And not only that, but if you're ever temporarily forced out of your condo following a covered loss, your policy helps pay for your hotel and meals until it's safe to return home.

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