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With summer temperatures sometimes reaching over a sweltering 100 degrees, and winter conditions characterized by subzero temperatures, owning a condo in Minnesota comes with some unique (and extreme) weather challenges. That's where a top-quality condo policy can come in especially handy.

Condo insurance even helps combat risks your Homeowners Association (HOA) insurance might not cover, whether you're relaxing at home or far away on vacation. Get a free Minnesota condo insurance quote through Esurance to explore how affordable condo insurance with our partner can give you the financial backing you need.

why get condo coverage through esurance?

Though your HOA policy covers damage to the building, your actual unit (and anything inside) isn't protected by their coverage. Luckily, condo insurance guards against risks unique to you and your unit. Here are just a couple of ways your policy keeps you better protected.

Damage to your unit

If your pipes freeze up one winter, or snow and ice from your roof come crashing into your living room, condo insurance in Minnesota helps make sure you're not paying dearly for all of those repair or replacement bills.

Personal liability

Not only can condo coverage help pay for guests' medical bills if someone is injured on your property, but it can also cover your legal fees if an accident turns into a lawsuit.

potential savings on your minnesota condo policy

Want to save money on your condo insurance? Depending on your condo insurer, you might be able to save more on your policy by qualifying for an array of discounts. For instance, if your condo in the North Star State has home safety features like a smoke alarm or deadbolt locks, or if you bundle policies with the same insurance company, you could save on coverage.

condo living vs. owning a house in minnesota

Though Minnesota is famous for its beautiful yet brutal winters, it's tornado season (June or later in the northernmost parts of the state) that homeowners might be equally wary of. You can expect 45 average annual tornadoes a year as a Minnesotan, and that can cost quite a bit of property damage.

But as a condo owner, any damage to the building is covered by your HOA (whereas homeowners are responsible for the entire structure of their home). And best of all, your condo policy protects the interior of your unit, your belongings, and even covers your share of common area repairs, so you don't have to break the bank recovering from seasonal damages.

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