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There's a saying in Michigan: "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes." So come rain or shine, condo insurance in Michigan through Esurance can help protect you, your guests, and your most prized possessions, whether you're near or far from home.

Whether you're new to owning a condo or looking to bulk up a condo insurance policy, Esurance can help you get protection for your largest investment that extends far beyond your Homeowners Association (HOA) insurance policy. Simply get a free Michigan condo insurance quote to see how reasonable condo insurance rates can really be with our reliable partner.

michigan condo coverages through esurance

Though your HOA is responsible for the building, their coverage doesn't extend to your unit or anything you keep there (like furniture or even your appliances). Here are just a few ways having your own condo insurance policy can help prepare you for anything:

  • If a rough summer thunderstorm causes lightning damage or a tornado strikes and breaks all your windows, condo insurance will step in to make sure you're not footing the bill to repair or replace things your HOA insurance might not cover.
  • What if your condo is burglarized? Fortunately, your policy also pays to replace stolen items (something your HOA doesn't).
  • Say you accidentally injure someone at a Wolverines game. If your mishap turns into a lawsuit, your legal fees are covered under your policy — as are the injured party's medical bills.

policy savings for michigan condo owners

Not only is a condo policy important for your sense of safety (and the safety of your personal belongings), but it's affordable. Plus, depending on your condo insurer, you could save even more on coverage by qualifying for an assortment of discounts.

Does your condo have safety features such as a burglar alarm or smoke alarm? You could save as a result. Or if you live in a gated community that requires a security code to enter, you could qualify for the Secured Community discount.

protection beyond your HOA in the great lake state

If you live in the southern part of the state, you could be exposed to any number of Michigan's annual average of 16 tornadoes. And in general, your entire state can experience lake-effect snow and blizzards in the winter, which typically makes for everything from strong winds to hail.

While your HOA is responsible for building repairs following Mother Nature's wrath, what about your share of common area repairs? Or repairs to your unit? The good news is that condo insurance covers your share of common area repairs following a covered incident like wind or hail, in addition to the cost of damages in your unit.

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