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Whether you love taking in the views at the historic Portland Head Light or hiking scenic Cadillac Mountain, Maine has a lot to offer. To help you enjoy the Pine Tree State to the fullest, we can help you find condo insurance to help protect you and your valuables where your Homeowners Association (HOA) insurance doesn't.

While Esurance doesn't offer condo insurance in Maine, we can still help you get a quote to see how coverage with our partner can give you adequate financial protection and peace of mind.

maine condo coverages through esurance

Even though your condo is where you feel most comfortable, it's important to be prepared for at least a few unavoidable disasters. How? With condo coverage that comes with all the bells and whistles you need to make your unit safe and secure. Here are a few ways your policy better protects you:

  • Coverage takes care of the bill for additional living expenses (like your hotel and food) if a covered incident like a fire makes your condo temporarily unlivable
  • Your policy pays for repairs or replaces your belongings following covered damage or theft
  • In case you're unfortunately sued after accidentally injuring someone or damaging their property, coverage kicks in to cover your legal fees

policy savings for maine condo owners

What's better than affordable protection to keep your condo in tip-top shape? Short of a lobster roll, we'd say saving money on your condo insurance. And depending on your condo insurer, you might be able to do just that with some easy-to-score discounts.

For instance, if you pay your policy all at once, instead of in installments, or equip your condo with everyday safety features like smoke alarms and burglar alarms, you could save on your premium.

condo living vs. owning a house in maine

As of 2014, the largest markets for condos in Maine are Portland and Old Orchard Beach, respectively. Generally speaking, the closer to the ocean you are, the more you can expect to pay. But whether you're at home on the ocean or prefer fewer grains of sand in your shoes, owning a condo can be a great option if you're looking for less maintenance responsibility while still having control over your living space.

Your HOA is responsible for building maintenance, including covering any damages over time. That means you're only responsible for your unit and the things you keep there. Better still, your condo policy covers your share of the repairs if a common area is ever damaged by a covered incident.

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