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Buying an Iowa condo can feel like stumbling into a massive corn maze: it looks fun from the outside, but once you're involved — dealing with unwelcome twists like property damage, burglary, or in-home injuries — you could feel helpless and lost (and maybe just a tad hungry).

From dwelling coverage to additional living expenses, condo insurance through Esurance is loaded with the options you need to feel totally secure. So why wait? Grab your free quote today to get great coverage from our trusted partner.

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Though your condo is your castle, it's possible that your belongings could be damaged or you could be burglarized. But fortunately, condo insurance serves to protect you, the belongings in your unit, and more.

Damage and theft protection

Whether a pipe bursts in your kitchen or a thief makes off with your flat screen, condo insurance in Iowa lets you take comfort knowing you don't have to sacrifice your savings to get back on track. Your policy can pay to repair or replace belongings stolen or damaged by a covered incident.

Liability coverage and more

If a visitor slips in spilled milk on your kitchen floor, there could be more than crying to contend with. But fear not — condo insurance could help cover medical bills for injured guests and your legal fees if matters worsen and you're sued for damages.

unique risks to condo owners in iowa

There's a lot to love about condo living in Iowa, especially knowing you have a homeowners association (HOA) to take care of damages to the building. Because your state averages a whopping 51 tornadoes a year, it helps to know the exterior of your home is taken care of in case a windstorm ravages the roof over your head.

But what about the interior of your unit? Condo insurance covers you where your HOA drops off, helping protect you in case a covered incident like a tornado, fire, or other disaster damages the interior structure of your unit or your belongings.

save on protection in the hawkeye state

Another perk of condo insurance? Discounts on condo insurance. Depending on your condo insurer, you could be rewarded with a variety of discounts. If you pay your premium all at once, or you bundle policies (like condo and car) with the same company — you might save some cash on your policy.

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