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Indiana, right in America's heartland, is a place that seems to exude comfort, a popcorn-warm sense that everything is going to turn out OK. And really, shouldn't Indianans be able to say the same about their abode? That's where Indiana condo insurance comes in, helping protect your largest investment and peace of mind.

You can't guarantee trouble won't find you, but with the right Indiana condo insurance, you can help make sure your place returns to normal as soon as possible. Get a quick quote through Esurance to start a policy with our trusted partner, and feel as secure in your condo as you do in your great state itself.

why get condo insurance through esurance?

Whatever risks you're worried about for your Indiana condo — like burglary, fire, and even vandalism — condo insurance gives you the security of knowing you don't have to face them alone. Coverage for your condo can help protect your savings while repairing any damages to your place, help replace lost or stolen belongings, and even cover your legal fees in the event of a lawsuit.

potential savings on your condo policy

Depending on your condo insurer, you could save more on your condo insurance with a variety of helpful discounts. Here are just a couple of scenarios that might land you a lower premium:

  • Central fire alarm discount
  • Paid in full discount
  • Age of construction discount
  • Central burglar alarm discount

buying a condo in indiana

One major reason to purchase a condo in Indiana? The median asking price in Indianapolis alone in 2014 was a heck of a lot lower than the national median asking price. Compare Indy's $167,500 to the national average of $278,136, and it's no wonder why Indianans love setting up camp in the Hoosier State. Combine that price tag with affordable condo insurance and you've got it made.

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