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Unlike that Lakeshore Drive loft or Mag Mile high-rise, insurance for your Illinois condo isn't the most exciting purchase. In fact, like with most insurance, it can be hard to spot the beauty of your condo coverage — until you really need it.

But beauty's in the eye of the policyholder, and anyone who's ever relied on condo insurance in Illinois has no trouble seeing what a stunner it is. Although Esurance doesn't offer condo insurance in Illinois, you can still get a free quote through our site and lock down protection for your pad with our reliable partner.

illinois condo coverages through esurance

While your homeowners association (HOA) insures the building and its common areas, your unit (its interior and all of your belongings) is yours to protect. When you imagine the prospect of replacing all your belongings after a home burglary or rebuilding your interior from scratch after a fire, it's clear you don't want to face those costs alone. Your policy through Esurance helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing items following a covered incident.

In addition to your belongings and the interior of your condo, your policy can also cover:

  • Additional living expenses if a covered incident temporarily forces you out of your unit while repairs are made
  • Your personal liability, so if you're ever facing a costly lawsuit, condo insurance helps pay your legal fees (and the injured party's medical bills, if need be)

What about common areas?

Though your HOA foots the big bills when it comes to building damage, you could be on the hook for some common area repairs in certain instances. Condo insurance could help you avoid paying out of pocket by pitching in to cover your share of repairs to a common area following a covered incident.

ways to save on condo insurance in IL

Hoping to lower your premium? Depending on your insurer, you might be able to do just that with an array of discounts. If your Illinois condo is better protected by smoke alarms or burglar alarms, or you bundle your policies (like condo and car) with the same insurance company, you could be rewarded with savings.

owning a condo vs. owning a house

Since your state averages an alarming 54 tornadoes annually, a condo in Illinois can be a smart way to stave off some of the exterior maintenance issues homeowners might face in the event of a particularly destructive tornado. Say you're in a top-floor unit and a tornado ravages the roof over your head. Your HOA is responsible for repairs to the roof, but your condo policy covers the damage to your condo's interior, so you're not left to fend for yourself financially.

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