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The weather outside may be bliss, but in case things turn stormy in your condo in the form of property damage, burglary, injuries, or other mishaps, you'll be glad to have some backup. Condo insurance can protect your hard-earned savings and keep your unit in peak condition.

Although Esurance doesn't provide condo insurance in Hawaii, we're here to help you get the best coverage around from our trusted partner. So no matter what kind of Hawaii condo you own, you can gain big-time peace of mind by protecting it with condo insurance.

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Does your homeowners association policy cover your belongings? What happens if there's damage to a common area in your building? Condo insurance is a simple solution to many of your coverage needs.

A defense against damage and theft

No condo unit is an island, but if you're ever burglarized or have your belongings damaged (even by a well-intentioned friend), you can feel a bit isolated financially. Fortunately, condo insurance exists to help you get back on track by paying to repair or replace your things following theft or covered damage.

Personal liability coverage

Even the friendliest game of sand volleyball could result in a not-so-friendly injury and possibly a lawsuit. But condo insurance actually covers your legal fees and the injured party's medical bills, so you're not left having to pay thousands or more out of pocket.

save on coverage through esurance

If your condo building has add-ons that protect the structure from high winds, you could qualify for the wind resistant discount. Or if you have safety features like a burglar alarm or deadbolt locks, you could be rewarded financially by your condo insurer. Depending on the discounts they offer, you could see savings on your Hawaii condo policy.

buying a condo in hawaii

The condo market in Honolulu (your state's most populated city by far, with over 370,000 residents) has become increasingly pricey. The median price for a condo hit an all-time high of $359,450 in February of 2014 and is expected to rise another 6-plus percent in 2015. If you're lucky enough to own a condo in Hawaii, it makes sense to give your investment the best protection possible with affordable coverage for your belongings and more.

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