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One of the great things about owning a Florida condo is not having to worry about some of the unique risks in your state — such as tornadoes and hurricanes — damaging the outside of your building or the land it sits on. Another huge bonus to condo life: affordable Florida condo insurance.

Because condo owners typically have fewer risks to concern themselves with than, say, homeowners, condo policies are often surprisingly inexpensive. See how easily you can save on top-quality protection when you get a free quote for your Sunshine State condo from our trusted partner.

why get FL condo insurance?

A condo policy is there for many types of emergencies, especially those that your Homeowners Association (HOA) insurance doesn't cover — from protection for your belongings to your personal liability and beyond.

Coverage beyond your HOA

Forty percent of all hurricanes in the U.S. strike Florida, potentially rattling roofs and shaking shingles where you live. And though your HOA covers damage to the building, what if there's damage within your unit? Fortunately, condo insurance protects your belongings and the interior of your unit from hurricanes and other covered incidents.

Speaking of which … condo insurance also covers:

  • Theft (say your condo is burglarized)
  • Fire and certain weather-related disasters
  • Property damage or accidental injuries you cause to someone else

potential savings in the sunshine state

You could save on your condo policy depending on the discounts your condo insurer offers. Say you pay your premium all at once or have a Florida condo with safety features like a smoke alarm or deadbolt locks — you could qualify for some money-saving discounts.

the condo market in florida

If you own a condo in the Sunshine State, consider yourself very lucky. July 2014 marked nearly 3 years of increasing median sale prices for condos in Florida. Because you don't have to shell out thousands for a home, it's a good idea to pay a whole lot less for affordable condo insurance.

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