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Jumping into a real estate purchase can feel like speeding down a black-diamond run: how did I get here … and how do I slow down? Well, consider a Colorado condo your bunny hill. It allows you freedom to make a space your own, without having to take charge of the building itself or the land outside. There's another thing that adds much-needed comfort to your new purchase: the protection that comes with condo insurance.

A condo policy through Esurance provides big-time coverage for your possessions, unit structure, and savings. Simply start your free quote to secure reliable coverage with our partner, and be on your way to peace of mind in your home.

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Severe weather in the Centennial State cost an estimated $3.7 billion in property damages in 2013. If you live in a top-floor unit and a snowstorm damages your roof (and say, your sofa, TV, and more below it), your Homeowners Association (HOA) policy will pay for the roof to be repaired, but nothing damaged in your unit. Condo insurance pays to repair or replace damaged or stolen belongings, so your things can be recovered in the event of certain disasters.

personal liability protection and more

While it's important to have protection for the things you keep in your condo, it's also smart to have protection for your financial future. Luckily, Colorado condo insurance can help with that too. If you accidentally injure someone else or if a guest is hurt in your home, a condo policy through Esurance helps protect your liability (and savings) by paying your legal fees and their medical bills.

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Depending on your insurer, you might be able to save on your Colorado condo policy by qualifying for an array of easy-to-score discounts. Say your condo is equipped with an indoor sprinkler system or you install a central fire alarm, you could see savings.

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