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Living in the nation's most populated state, Californians know a thing or two about caring for their home so everyone can enjoy it. Owning a condo isn't much different: you share your building with your fellow tenants and, together, take care of your collective castle. Thankfully, condo insurance helps you improve your shared community without draining your personal finances.

While Esurance doesn't provide coverage in the state, we'll help you get a California condo insurance quote and secure coverage with our partner, complete with all the options you need to keep your home enjoyable.

why get condo insurance through esurance?

Your Homeowners Association's (HOA) insurance policy is an important part (and sometimes a perk) of condo ownership, but their coverage doesn't protect your belongings or certain repairs within your unit, only common areas and the building itself. Here are some of the benefits of getting your own condo insurance.

Coverage beyond your HOA

Say a major storm tears the roof off your condo building or a burst pipe damages a common area. Repair costs could exceed your HOA coverage. But with condo insurance on your side, your share of the extra repairs is covered.

Relief from at-home disasters

If a covered loss like a fire renders your condo temporarily uninhabitable, your policy provides additional living expenses (like a hotel and meals for the time being) so you can keep up with your life while repairs are made to your unit.

the condo market in CA

The median price of a condo in Southern California was $72,500 less than the median price of a house in 2013 — proof that whether you like the denseness of a big city like Los Angeles or prefer a smaller city like Irvine, a condo can be a more affordable choice for homeownership.

save even more through esurance

Depending on your California condo insurer, you could lower your premium by qualifying for an assortment of discounts. For instance, you could see savings if you boast everyday home safety features like a burglar alarm or deadbolt locks or if you pay your premium all at once.

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