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As an Alaskan, you pride yourself on being tough and only shelling out for the essentials — such as a sturdy roof over your head and plenty of warm clothing (and maybe a timeshare in the Bahamas). So it's only natural to wonder, "Do I really need Alaska condo insurance?" Actually, you might be surprised by just how important it can be.

Thankfully, your condo insurance can protect your stuff, your place's structure, your liability, and more. And though Esurance doesn't offer condo insurance in Alaska, we'll help you connect to trustworthy insurers who do. Start your free quote to find condo coverage tough enough for a true Alaskan.

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If that roof over your head buckles under heavy snow, you could have major damage to your valuables below. Or if a burglar makes off with your nice furs, your homeowners association (HOA) policy typically won't help replace them.

Condo insurance comes in extra handy if disaster strikes, because your policy pays to repair or replace damaged or stolen belongings. Better yet, your policy also protects your personal liability and more.

potential savings on condo insurance

Depending on your insurer, you might be able to save on your condo policy by qualifying for an assortment of discounts. If your condo in Alaska is equipped with certain home safety features like a smoke alarm or deadbolt lock, or if you have an indoor sprinkler system, you could save.

the alaska condo market

The Last Frontier is experiencing an amazing amount of growth as compared to the Lower 48 when it comes to the condo market. With fewer and fewer condo units for sale over the last few years, it's not surprising that condo prices rose more than 4 percent in 2013 alone, and the average sale price passed the $200,000 mark.

Alaska boasted another healthy economic milestone in 2013: a mortgage delinquency rate that's far below the national average — 3.7 percent, as compared to the country's average of 6.8 percent.

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