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Whether you want a weekend hideaway on the Gulf Shore, a convenient big-city coop in Birmingham, or simply a property to call your very own, there are plenty of obvious reasons to own an Alabama condo. Where things get a little foggy is how, exactly, you should go about insuring it.

While Esurance doesn't provide condo insurance in Alabama, we can help residents connect to our trusted partner. Simply start your free quote through us and get help handling even the toughest coverage questions, and get the best possible protection for your place.

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Does your homeowners association insurance cover your belongings? Who insures your appliances? What happens if there's damage to a building common area? Thankfully, we at Esurance know a thing or two about condo insurance and the unique coverages that go along with it.

Shelter from the storm

Twenty-three tornadoes hit Alabama in 2014, causing roughly 177 miles' worth of damage. Luckily, if a covered incident like a strong windstorm damages your personal belongings, condo insurance helps pay to replace or repair your things.

Theft protection

In addition to covering damages, a condo policy also covers stolen belongings. It's a terrifying concept, but if ever your condo is burglarized, you can rest assured knowing that at least the cost of replacing your things is covered by insurance.

why buy a condo in alabama?

Condos in Auburn, Alabama (the largest city in eastern Alabama — a popular pick for college students at Auburn U.) sold for an average price of $174,482 in January 2014. Pretty impressive on its own, but it's an even better price when you consider that Auburn condos sold for $64,618 less than the national average in the same month.

savings in the heart of dixie

Depending on your condo insurer, you might be able to save money on your condo policy by qualifying for a variety of discounts. If your Alabama condo is equipped with home-safety features like a central fire alarm, or if you pay your premium all at once instead of in monthly installments, you stand to save.

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