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For business owners, the bottom line is a top concern. Relax — with coverage through Esurance, you could find discounts to lower your commercial auto insurance rates and keep your company (and your nerves) on an even keel.

Discounts and perks could help business owners save

how much does commercial auto insurance cost?

What you pay to insure your work vehicles depends largely on how you use your work vehicles. For instance, the risks facing a cross country-bound semi are much different than those for a largely stationary food truck. And the level of protection you need for a snow plow is hardly the same as that for a door-to-door sales sedan.

There are other factors at play in determining your commercial car insurance rates too. These can include your ZIP Code, driving history, age, and gender, to name a few.

The good news is that, ultimately, you have a lot of control over your commercial car insurance cost. By driving responsibly yourself and training your employees to do the same, you can avoid at-fault claims, maintain a safe driving history, and give yourself every chance for lower rates.

discounts on your commercial auto insurance policy

As business pros, you know a thing or two about stretching a dollar. Looks like you'll have to save that expertise for another day — we've already done it for you.

Check out these easy-to-score discounts that could be available from a policy through Commercial Insurance.NET that could help you trim your commercial car insurance cost.

  • Paid-in-Full discount
    Enjoy a lower overall premium when you pay all up front.
  • Auto-Pay discount
    Certain policies qualify for savings when you set up automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings account.
  • Antilock Brakes discount
    Qualify for savings just for having this common safety feature on your work vehicles.
  • Early Sign-Up discount
    You could save on your commercial car insurance rates when you sign your policy before it's set to begin.
  • Passive Restraint discount
    Having passive seat belts and air bags in your work vehicles could earn you an easy rate reduction.
  • Preferred Policy discount
    Score this perk for going at least 3 years without a claim.

affinity program discounts

Belonging to certain organizations may also earn you perks.

  • Restoration Industry Association (RIA)
    Businesses in the RIA professional trade association may be eligible for a 10–20 percent reduction on their commercial auto insurance cost.
  • Service Team of Professionals (STOP)
    STOP franchise owners may be able to score a 20 percent discount on their business auto rates.
  • Building Trades Association (BTA)
    If yours is one of the 23,000 building or construction companies that make up the BTA, you could enjoy a discount of up to 10 percent on your commercial auto liability and physical damage coverage.
  • Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA)
    As if your PDCA company's work weren't colorful enough already — now you may be able to add some major green to the mix with a 10 percent discount on liability and physical damage coverage.

Remember, even if you're not part of one of these associations, it never hurts to check with your insurer for partnership deals that could net business auto savings.

Availability of affinity program discounts can vary depending on your state.

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