types of commercial auto insurance coverage

The customer's always right. That's how you run your business — luckily, so do we. No matter what risks your work vehicles face, we'll help you find the right commercial auto insurance coverages to guard against them.

Flexible coverages help protect your work vehicles and employees

do I need insurance coverage?

Yes, basic liability insurance is legally required for all your work vehicles. This includes bodily injury liability, which helps cover others' medical bills or loss of income if you or one of your employees causes an accident, and property damage liability, which goes toward others' auto repairs or replacements. Other coverages may also be required, depending on your state.

what does commercial auto insurance cover?

When you buy commercial auto insurance through Esurance, you'll be able to enjoy a bevy of great coverages on your policy, courtesy of a policy through Commercial Insurance.NET.

Medical payments coverage

It's important to know that not just you, but also your employees, are in safe hands when driving your work vehicles. With medical payments, you and your employees can enjoy coverage to treat injuries related to an insured accident.

Uninsured motorist coverage

If you or your employees are struck by an uninsured motorist, this coverage helps keep you from paying property damage and injury bills you shouldn't have to.

Collision coverage

If you collide with another vehicle or object (lamp post, tree, etc.), collision coverage helps pay for damage to your work rides.

Comprehensive coverage

Non-collision risks can threaten your work vehicles, too. Comprehensive coverage helps repair damage related to vandalism, theft, falling debris, and much more.

Loading and unloading coverage

Lifting merchandise is heavy, grueling work. So it's nice to know you have liability coverage in case loading or unloading a covered vehicle results in injuries or accidents.

business auto enhancement coverages

Also included in a standard commercial auto policy with Commercial Insurance.NET is an enhancement feature that opens up a world of extra coverages. And if you think that's music to your ears, there's more — they can be added to your plan at no additional cost!

Broadened "Who Is An Insured?" provision

Provides liability coverage for any subsidiary companies you own or obtain.

Blanket additional insured protection

Any person your company does work for can be listed under your policy and get temporary liability protection until the job is done.

Temporary substitute and leased vehicles coverage

Extends physical damage coverage to substitute work vehicles while your usual ones are in the shop (certain weight limits apply).

Personal effects coverage

Pays up to $500 for your personal effects in a covered work vehicle theft (if you have comprehensive or specified causes of loss coverage).

Collision coverage deductible waiver

Eliminates your collision deductible in accidents when your work vehicle and the other party's car share the same insurer.

Glass repair deductible waiver

Eliminates a deductible if you repair your glass damage instead of replace.

Lease and loan gap coverage

Pays off your loan or lease amount if a work vehicle is totaled and your settlement isn't enough to cover it.

Fellow employee coverage

Protects your business from claims if one employee injures another.

Unintentional errors or omissions guarantee

Ensures you won't get a lower settlement if you accidentally make a mistake reporting claims info.

Supplementary payment enhancements

Increases supplementary payment amounts under liability coverage.

Availability of business enhancement coverages can vary by state.

other commercial auto insurance coverage options

Here are even more options you can add to customize the best commercial auto insurance for your business.

Towing and labor costs coverage

If you or your employees get stranded on the road, this protection helps cover the price of a tow and other roadside-assistance expenses.

Rental reimbursement coverage

This repays you the cost of using a rental car for up to 30 days if your main work vehicle is in the shop.

Sound system coverage

Have a primo sound system for your shuttle, limo, or tour bus company? Adding this coverage helps you safeguard such a valuable asset against theft or damage.

Inland marine coverage

This helps protect your merchandise or tools from theft and damage while they're in transit, in your vehicle, or at the work site.

Hired automobile coverage

Adding this coverage will let you extend liability or physical damage coverage to work vehicles you rent on a short-term basis.

Non-owned automobile liability coverage

This protection extends liability coverage in case your employees cause accidents using their own cars for company business.

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