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They say car collecting can be a pricy hobby…well, what do they know? With these discounts and tips on lowering your classic car insurance rates, you can do what you love for a whole lot less.

Discounts could lead to easy savings on your policy

how much does classic vehicle insurance cost?

No one likes paying for insurance (that we've met), but at least with coverage through Esurance, your classic car insurance rates can be remarkably affordable.

We partner with Hagerty to provide protection uniquely tailored to classic rides — and the result is a premium up to 39 percent lower than your everyday car insurance, on average.*

When it comes to your exact collector car insurance rates, there are a variety of factors that come into play, such as:

  • Vehicle type
  • Storage type (garage, carport, etc.)
  • Driver history
  • ZIP Code
  • Car modifications

discounts on your classic vehicle insurance rates

Avid car collectors hardly need a lesson in spotting diamonds in the rough (as any stroll through a salvage yard will prove). So we make getting your money's worth easy and straightforward.

Take advantage of these convenient Hagerty discounts to save on your classic car insurance rates.

  • Antitheft Device discount

    Having LoJack® or other similar antitheft devices installed could score you some savings.

  • Transfer Policy discount

    You could qualify for a first-year bonus discount if you transfer from another classic car insurer.

  • Defensive Driver Course discount

    Cautious driving is important with any car, and especially with your rare beauty. Take a defensive driver course to sharpen your skills and potentially qualify for extra savings.

  • Flexible Usage

    Classic and collector cars were made to be driven. Whether you're going to a show or just taking a cruise to the ice cream shop, you're protected.

other tips to save on collector car insurance

Beyond discounts, here are even more ways to help you control the cost of your policy.

Modify modestly

Vehicles with performance-enhancing features that make them more dangerous to drive can pose a higher risk level and increase your rates.

We know getting your classic car to look and run the way you want is a big part of collecting. But, clearly, it pays to tread lightly when considering some modifications.

Store smartly

The more secure your car's storage space, the lower your collector and classic car insurance rates can often be. For instance, renting out a garage spot for your vehicle can typically net a lower premium than using a carport. You'll also rest easier knowing there aren't prying eyes on your valuable vehicle.

Rethink coverage for restorations

If you're only restoring, not driving, a collector car, you have the option of lowering your rates by choosing an Other than Collision policy.

This focuses coverage squarely where you need it (the rebuilding process), and leaves off extra stuff you don't have use for, such as liability and bodily injury coverage.

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