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You might know that car insurance in New Hampshire isn't mandatory. But do you know which coverages are required if you do decide to buy a policy?

You'll find this and other pertinent info here in our guide to auto insurance in the Granite State. And if you decide you want coverage, we'll even help you start a quick, easy New Hampshire car insurance quote too.

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Required car insurance in New Hampshire

None. That's right — in line with its motto "Live Free or Die," the Granite State doesn't require its drivers to purchase New Hampshire auto insurance. If you choose to drive without car insurance in New Hampshire, the state requires you to prove you have sufficient funds to pay for any damage or injury caused in an at-fault accident.

That said, the majority of New Hampshire drivers still buy car insurance. A report from the Insurance Research Council estimated that 9.3 percent of New Hampshire's drivers were uninsured in 2012, which was below the national average of 12.6 percent.

coverage options for drivers

Again, New Hampshire auto insurance is optional. "Live Free or Die" … you get it.

But if you do opt for a New Hampshire car insurance policy, there are 3 coverage types you'll need to have:

  1. Liability coverage. This helps cover the other driver's medical and property damage costs after you're found at fault in an accident. Your liability insurance needs to include the following limits:

    1. $25,000 in bodily injury coverage per person
    2. $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per incident
    3. $25,000 in property damage coverage per incident

    These limits will often appear as 25/50/25.

  2. Medical payments coverage. This helps pay your injury costs regardless of who was at fault. If you buy car insurance in New Hampshire, you'll need to carry at least $1,000 in medical payments coverage.
  3. Uninsured motorist coverage. If you're struck by an uninsured driver, this could help pay for medical expenses and property damage. It needs to carry the same limits as your basic liability: 25/50/25.

If you want more financial protection than these base limits provide, you can opt for higher amounts when you get your New Hampshire car insurance quote.

other coverages you can add

In addition to liability, medical payments, and uninsured motorists, you can typically add the following coverages to your auto policy:

  • Comprehensive and collision (may be required by a lease or finance company)
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Towing and labor

Depending on the New Hampshire car insurance provider, more coverages may be available. Check to see what your options are when you get your quote.

determining fault after a car accident

New Hampshire uses the comparative negligence system. This means you can recoup injury and property damage expenses from other drivers as long as you were less than 50 percent responsible for the incident. And the amount you do end up recouping depends on how much (or little) you were found at fault.

How insurers may determine New Hampshire car insurance rates

Rating factors vary by insurer, but in general, the following factors could influence your New Hampshire car insurance rates:

  • Driving records of everyone on your policy
  • Age, gender, and marital status
  • Coverages, limits, and deductibles you choose
  • Discounts you may qualify for
  • ZIP Code where your car is parked
  • Credit-based insurance score
  • Car type and its primary use (commuting, Sunday drives, etc.)
  • Insurance history, including lapses

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