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How to get the right amount of car insurance

Coverage Counselor® can help you figure out how much coverage is right for you. And so can keeping the following 3 things in mind:

Protect your car.

Collision covers your car for fender-benders and the like. If your car's stolen or a tree falls on it — well, that's what comprehensive's for.

More on coverages that protect your car.

Protect yourself and the people who ride with you.

In some states, medical coverage helps pay for medical expenses if you or a passenger gets hurt in an accident. In others, personal injury protection coverage can do the same plus cover work-loss wages ... and then some.

More on medical coverages.

Protect your wallet.

Liability coverage is required in nearly every state and helps pay for damages you're responsible for. We're talking injuries to other drivers or if, say, you run over a neighbor's lawn gnome. Cue sigh of relief.

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How to save on auto insurance

Insurance does a lot. But it shouldn't cost a lot. Here are 3 easy ways to save on car insurance with Esurance.*

Switch and save.

Sound easy? It is. Customers who switched to Esurance from GEICO saved $412 on average.** In fact, we literally have a Switch & Save® discount — just for switching to us.

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Drive safely.

Our DriveSense® mobile app gives you a discount based on how you drive. Drive safe. Save money. It makes sense.

More on DriveSense.

Bundle up.

Buying more than one policy from the same insurer is called bundling. When you bundle your home and car insurance with Esurance, you could save up to 10% from the get-go. Not too shabby.

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How we make car insurance easy

Car insurance should help you out. Out of a jam, yes — but also with getting a quote, paying your bill, and filing a claim. Check out our tools that un-muddle the muddled.

Compare car insurance quotes

Saving means comparing. And you can do all the comparing you need in minutes.

Photo claims

Snap a few photos of the damage. Get your claim settled in two shakes. Talk about easy.***

Esurance Mobile

Pay a bill. Update coverage. Add a car. Make a claim. What can't you do with our mobile app?

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Questions? We've got answers.

Where can I find the cheapest car insurance?

Window shopping's a great way to find affordable car insurance. Figure out which coverages you want beforehand. Then make sure each quote includes the same coverages and limits. This'll give you a better apples to apples comparison.

You could also lower insurance costs by reducing your coverage limits and increasing your deductibles. Just know that a higher deductible typically means you pay more out of pocket for a claim.

Also, say your auto policy only satisfies your state's minimum liability requirements. Your car insurance in this case might be on the cheap side. But it wouldn't account for collision damage to your car. Nor would it step in if your ride was ever vandalized. Your wallet would be feeling it and we don't want that.

In other words, "cheap" doesn't always translate to the "best" car insurance.

How much does auto insurance cost?

Truth is, car insurance varies.

Auto insurers mull over many factors to calculate your premium. Your car's year, make, and model. Where you live. Your driving record. Your insurance history, insurance-based credit score, and more.

Read up on some of the most important contributors to your car insurance premium.

When is the best time to buy auto insurance?

That there's a "best time" of year to buy auto insurance is a common myth. But, like the 16th century adage goes, "There's no time like the present."

Have a gander at all the reasons why the best time to secure auto insurance coverage is right now.