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why do you need business insurance?

There's a lot at stake when it comes to your business — from financial investments to client contracts, to employees who depend on you, and a host of other commitments that keep your enterprise in motion. If something were to happen to it, could you cover the losses?

Well, with the right business policy in place, you can. Because, hey, mishaps (can and do) happen. But having a solid plan can mean the difference between easy-peasy and major uh-oh.

what is a Business Owner Policy (BOP)?

A BOP is a package policy designed to guard against risks associated with small businesses. It combines property insurance, liability coverage, and more, into one convenient policy.

But this one goes a step further, by helping you customize a plan around your specific venture. After all, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to well, anything, but let alone business insurance. So now you can have the flexibility to arrange the coverages you need so you're not paying for those you don't. That way you can be financially protected on all fronts, without breaking the bank.

Depending on the nature of your venture, here are some coverages worth looking into:

In addition to the basics, popular coverages include:

  • Employee dishonesty
  • Money and securities
  • Computer fraud
  • Utility services — direct damage
  • Fire and theft reward

Optional coverages available for either the basic or enhanced package include:

  • Employment practices liability
  • Data compromise and identity recovery
  • CyberOne

Having the right coverage is vital to the success of any businesses. And we're committed to bringing you the products and solutions needed to protect yours. Get a quote today to compare Basic, Standard, and Enhanced coverage packages. Then, just choose the plan and price that works best for you.

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get solid coverage through Allstate

Esurance has teamed up with Allstate Business Insurance to offer you personalized insurance coverage for your business at affordable rates. Click here and get a quote for yours in just five minutes.

You can choose a payment schedule that makes the most sense for you - whether annual, quarterly, or monthly installments. Plus, if you have any questions, top-notch insurance agents are only a phone call away at 877-574-7025.

From professional firms, to health and medical offices, to personal services, Allstate Business Insurance can help assure your business is financially protected through and through.*

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